Chicken with orange sauce – Makli Chinese Cuisine

Chicken with orange sauce - Makli Chinese Cuisine
Chicken breast filet deep fried with a crispy batter served with a spicy orange sauce. $10
Makli Chinese Cuisine, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I love deep fried chicken dishes at Chinese restaurants. I know they’re not authentic and they tend to be super greasy and bad for you, but I still crave them. This orange chicken was executed pretty well. The batter was actually crispy (not soggy like most) and not greasy. The orange sauce was tasty, but not very spicy as advertised.

SOMA mural
Beauty and the beast mural, SOMA.

7 thoughts on “Chicken with orange sauce – Makli Chinese Cuisine

    • We ordered a side of rice additionally. Don’t know who they do it where you are, but most entrees at Chinese restaurants here are served a la carte and you have to order rice and veggies separately. Or they’ll have “rice plates” that have smaller portions of the dish but come with rice. 🙂

      • I’m In New York City. Majority of the dishes here come with a side of White rice or you can choose Brown rice for an additional charge, usually a dollar more.

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