Assorted cheese plate – La Perle

Assorted cheese plate - La Perle
Planche de fromages. Bleu d’auvergne AOP, emmental, Cantal AOP, camembert. 13€
La Perle, Paris FR

Omg, when this came out we were unsure if we had miscommunicated with the waitress and were subsequently served 2 orders of the cheese plate. Our French is nonexistent and she wasn’t completely fluent with English (god bless her for baring with us). There was SO much cheese! Instead of worrying about it, we decided to just go with the flow and eat. We if had to pay for 2 cheese plates we were fine with that. The cheeses were delicious and very filling. I was fooled by the hard pat of butter on the plate which I mistook for another cheese, lol! In my defense it really tasted different from American butter, hehe. I’m still puzzled why they serve butter with cheese and charcuterie as if any more fat is needed. There was no way we were going to finish this cheese plate so we ate as much as we could. It ended up being a single order! Sheesh, how can anyone eat that much cheese. 🙂

Sliced baguette - La Perle
Sliced baguette. Complimentary

The Wall for Peace

The Wall for Peace, Champs de Mars. Clara Halter and Jean-Michel Wilmotte, 2000. Inspired by the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem.

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