Leek and bacon quiche – Miss Manon

Leek and bacon quiche - Miss Manon
Quiche poireaux, lardons. 5€
Miss Manon, Paris FR

Ok, we made an amateur tourist move this morning. We wanted to eat at this cafe/bakery so we waited in longish line to look at the display cases and order our food before we grabbed a table. WRONG, lol! So they charge differently if you eat the food there (with service included in the price) or take the food to-go. So we ordered our food and informed the woman that we wanted to eat it at a table. She told us that we need to be seated and then order our food. UGH, so difficult! Not really, but I WAS a little annoyed because I was SO hungry. We finally get seated and then have to wait for the one lady servicing all the table to make it around to us. Now I know never to wait in line if I’m gonna eat the food at the restaurant. πŸ™‚

The quiche was pretty tasty, but I wish the crust was a little harder. They had reheated the quiche before serving, but the crust was limp and lifeless, almost soggy. The egg filling was delicious though.

Cafe creme - Miss Manon
Cafe creme avec emulsion – coffee with cream and foam. 4,50€

Pont des Arts bridge
Pont des Arts bridge covered with love locks.

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