Allagash White ale – Bar Tartine

Allagash White ale - Bar Tartine

Ugh, this was from one of the more awkward and unpleasant dinners have experienced. We were squeezed into a 2-top near the window and the adjacent couple was pretty much on top of us. It didn’t help that they were fighting about something either. OK, tables at say Frances are really close together too but Bar Tartine should really just have a communal table – it would feel less awkward. And the restaurant was lit like a frickin’ cave! I couldn’t even see my food let alone the great ingredients used to make them. Sorry, but I haven’t been back since and nothing is really compelling me too either.
Bar Tartine, San Francisco CA

White Cymbidium orchid
White Cymbidium flowers (Orchidaceae), Buena Vista.

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