Dungeness crab – Craw Station

House cajun dungeness crab - Craw Station
With extra spicy house cajun seasoning. $37
Craw Station, San Francisco CA

OMG, this crab was spicy! I can handle pretty spicy food, but the waitress wasn’t kidding when she warned me that this was “dynamite” spicy. I kinda loved it but my mouth was burning at the end. I actually tried to spoon as much of the sauce as possible onto each bite of crab because I really enjoyed the heat and the seasoning was very flavorful. Every once in a while I would have to switch to the lemon pepper crab to cool down a bit, lol!

Lemon pepper dungeness crab. - Craw Station
With mild lemon pepper seasoning. $37

Cupid's Span
Cupid’s Span, 2002, Claes Odlenburg, Coosje van Bruggen. Bow and arrow public sculpture on the Embarcadero.

6 thoughts on “Dungeness crab – Craw Station

    • Although the sauce was super spicy, it actually didn’t overpower the flavor of the dungeness crab thank goodness. Perhaps you could taste less of the crab as your mouth went numb though. 😉

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