Loco moco – Starbelly

Loco moco - Starbelly
Prather Ranch beef patty, steamed rice, sunny egg, green onions and sweet soy. $10
Starbelly, San Francisco CA

Ugh, this was a joke! In my nostalgia for Hawaii, I was stupid enough to order a loco moco from Starbelly. The hamburger patty was tough and bland and there was no yummy gravy! And by the time it made it to the table, it was cold. Gross. I usually love this restaurant, but we were having brunch with a group and the service was terrible! They were super slow and inattentive. Also, more than one of our dishes came out overcooked and they even forgot a couple of our plates. Lame!

Muni wires
Muni wires criss-crossing the intersection at Market and Castro.

4 thoughts on “Loco moco – Starbelly

  1. this is very interesting looking restaurant in the junction of cables overhung. So sorry to hear your bad experience. I hope they will improve again, I know the disappointment when went into a restaurant or your regular restaurant had turn you down sometime.

  2. Oh oh. I saw your picture and was wondering if you typed wrong. The bowl of rice is missing, and the brown gravy. Based on the picture alone, ech.
    My cousins took me to Starbelly a couple of years ago, I thought it was alright. I really wanted to try Incanto but they took me here instead. Still didn’t get to Incanto although I did try Boccalone Salumeria for lunch.
    Too bad about the loco moco. Only in Hawai`i! Hana Hou! 🙂

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