Sloppy Jack burger – Fork Cafe

Sloppy Jack burger - Fork Cafe
Giant homemade meatball, marinara sauce and parmesan cheese on a ciabatta bread. Served with French fries. $12.95
Fork Cafe, San Francisco CA

The name of this dish made me think of “sloppy joe” the entire time, so I was a little disappointed when the meatball did not resemble a sloppy joe in anyway. Even though the menu description spelled out what it was, you can’t help but think of a sloppy joe. Also, they must have run out of ciabatta bread because this was just a regular bun. The fries were really tasty and perfectly cooked though. Maybe they should add a sloppy joe burger on the menu so I can satisfy my craving, hehe.

Drunk and stoned creature on a mushroom mural

Drunk and stoned creature on a mushroom mural, Haight Street. Oh, The Haight! I snapped this pic because I thought this artwork was SO colorful, but the subject matter is funny to me. I love that this fictional character is sitting on an Amanita muscaria mushroom – very fitting.

3 thoughts on “Sloppy Jack burger – Fork Cafe

  1. I will never go back to Fork Cafe again. It’s not that the food was bad (average at best). When the waitress was taking our order, the cell phone in her pocket started ringing. She not only answered it, she embarked on an entire conversation, until she noticed our withering glares. “Sorry, I really needed to take that call.” Buh-bye.

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