Cocktails – The Bar at Husk

Swizzle cocktail - The Bar at Husk

Swizzle – The drink of choice at the world’s first cocktail party in London circa 1924. Cruzan light rum falernum, lime juice, and bitters “swizzled” over hand chipped ice. $8

Lil' Bit cocktail - The Bar at Husk

Lil’ Bit – A lil’ of this and a lil’ of that go a long way. Johnny Drum bourbon, Jack Rudy, orange juice, grapefruit bitters, lemon and lime. $13
The Bar at Husk, Charleston SC

The Swizzle was OK. I wasn’t crazy about the taste and was SO disappointed that the “chipped ice” became full on ice cubes. I’ve never had a swizzle cocktail that didn’t have at least crushed ice. I liked the Lil’ Bit cocktail better. It had a bolder flavor and went down smoothly.

Ripley Point Marina
Ripley Point Marina. On my third trip to Charleston, I stayed at a hotel in Ripley Point with a great view of the Ashley River and this marina.


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