VicenteSF and Codes go to White Castle!

Project 365: Day 60

Wow, what a long day! Had a great time at Codes’ birthday party last night. I do remember a couple funny moments. During the birthday banquet, some college frat guy walks by our table and because I was partially obstructing the walkway with my chair he politely says to me, “Excuse me, sir.” Sir! Omfg, I kinda freaked out, lol! But I also thought it was funny. Then at Taj Mahal, I was ordering another round at the bar and a group of three young college dudes (I’m sure from OSU since it’s down the street) look and me and say, “Well you look dapper!” LOL! Oh, kids can be so funny some times!

Anyway, today we ran more errands, visited Codes’ house, had drinks at Union, had more drinks and food at Hubbard, then went back to Union for even more drinks. I’ve never been to a White Castle so I had to go and try it after the bars. Omg, these things was so cute and cheap!

These sliders are definitely easy to eat. They practically melt in your mouth! That’s probably why people can eat so many of them. I also tried the chicken rings, but they weren’t all that great. I don’t know what I was expecting but they were kinda limp and didn’t have too much flavor without the bbq sauce.
White Castle, Columbus OH

Bacon cheeseburger White Castle
Bacon cheeseburger. $1.25Jalapeno cheeseburger White Castle

Jalapeno cheeseburger. $0.89

Original chicken rings White Castle

Original chicken rings. Six for $2.19

Original chicken rings White Castle

Deep fried chicken pieces in a fun shape – can’t go wrong with that!

White Castle

They come individually boxed!

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