Treats – Lazy Bear

Treats - Lazy Bear
Coconut, bay, citrus. Cocoa nib jelly roll, coffee, violet, cassis. Honey meringue, bee pollen. Tasting menu $155
Lazy Bear, San Francisco CA

This was the perfect way to end a beautiful meal! This lil treats were so cute, fun and delicious. Now, who’s going to take me back here? lol

Cereal grains dessert – Lazy Bear

Cereal grains dessert - Lazy Bear
Goat’s milk, strawberry. Tasting menu $155
Lazy Bear, San Francisco CA

Ugh, I did not like this at all – prolly the worst dish of the night. The textures were gummy and sticky slick. I almost didn’t finish the dish but I figured I was paying a lot of money so I should at least get it into my belly, lol!

Rhubarb dessert – Lazy Bear

Rhubarb dessert - Lazy Bear
Fermented almond milk mousse, hibiscus pate de fruit, white chocolate and buttermilk powder. Tasting menu $155
Lazy Bear, San Francisco CA

This dessert was really different and seemed really complicated, and I though it tasted delicious. I’m not a big fan of almond milk, but I enjoyed it in the soft silky mousse and it was a nice complement to the rhubarb and hibiscus.