S’mores creme brulee – The Creme Brulee Cart

S'mores The Creme Brulee Cart

Chocolate creme brulee, torched marshmallows, topped with graham cracker cereal. $5
The Creme Brulee Cart, San Francisco

This was the second time I’ve gotten something from The Creme Brulee Cart and it was delicious! The Cart is sometimes parked at Market Street and Castro Street so I’ll grab something on the way home from the gym. When I saw the S’mores creme brulee on the their sign, I had to have one. They torch the marshmallows to order and you can let them know how charred you want them. I thought the graham cracker cereal was cute. Everything tasted amazing togther, not quite like real S’mores but delicious nonetheless.

S'mores The Creme Brulee Cart