Chocolate French cruller – Beiler’s Bakery

Chocolate French cruller - Beiler's Bakery
With rainbow sprinkles. $1.10
Beiler’s Bakery, Philadelphia PA

Their French cruller is super light and airy at Beiler’s. The chocolate frosting is kinda thick and heavy, but it tastes fine and the sprinkles are just fun!

Boston cream donut – Beiler’s Bakery

Boston cream donut - Beiler's Bakery
Beiler’s Bakery, Philadelphia PA

My donut kinda got smushed in the bag, but oh well, it still tasted great! I just loved their light and fluffy dough. I will say that prices have gone up 15 cents since that last time I was here, lol! Darn inflation! 🙂

Mocha creme doughnut – Beiler’s Bakery

Mocha creme doughnut - Beiler's Bakery
Beiler’s Bakery, Philadelphia PA

Mocha creme doughnut - Beiler's Bakery
Omg, this was probably one of THE best donuts I’ve ever had! They’re simple, hand made, and perfect. I don’t usually finish my donuts but I couldn’t stop eating these. They were so light and the dough had an elastic texture and tasted great. I could probably eat an entire box! The donut line gets pretty long but it moves fairly quickly.

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