Golden Gate banana split – Ghirardelli

Golden Gate banana split - Ghirardelli
Vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream, crushed pineapple, sliced strawberries, handmade hot fudge, fresh bananas, whipped cream, chopped almonds, and a cherry. $11.45
Ghirardelli, San Francisco CA

I am embarrassed to admit that I ate this all by myself as my lunch, lol! In my defense, it was in celebration of someone’s birthday. It was pretty good. Nothing special, but the ice cream parlor has a nice vibe and the workers are really friendly.


3 thoughts on “Golden Gate banana split – Ghirardelli

  1. A burger probably has more calories and the banana for sure gives you way more vitamins! I think it’s a great lunch choice….coming from someone who should be attending “Ice Cream Alcoholics” classes!!

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