Apricot amuse bouche – Apartment 2g

Apricot amuse bouche - Apartment 2g
Balsamic vinegar, almond, cheese, thyme. Prix fixe $50
Apartment 2g, Front Royal VA

This should have been very charming and homey dinner, but the service was SO slow that I just couldn’t enjoy myself. I loved the concept of eating in a converted apartment while the husband and wife chef duo cooks lovely dishes for you, but this dinner was painfully long. The time between dishes was unbearable. By the end, I was still hungry because I was able to fully digest between courses.

This opening bite was a little clunky. It was literally a dressed up dried apricot! I think it tasted good, but I thought that it was an odd item. I mean, I could do this…

Zardetto Prosecco Doc Treviso Brut - Apartment 2g
Zardetto Prosecco Doc Treviso Brut, Italy. $8

Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park.


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