Cocktails – Barnacle

Barolo Vermouth Cocktail - Barnacle
Barolo Vermouth Cocktail: cocchi rosso, boroli barolo chinato, bitters. $11
Barnacle, Seattle WA

This bar adjacent to The Walrus and the Carpenter is really cute. There bartenders are laid back and cool, and the drinks are created and tasty. If you’re waiting for a seat next door, definitely duck into this bar and relax.

Nocino Old Fashioned cocktail - Barnacle
Nocino Old Fashioned: calvados, walnut liqueur, nocino amero. $11

Encircled Stream fountain
Encircled Stream fountain, Ned Kahn, Founders’ Court, Seattle Center.


5 thoughts on “Cocktails – Barnacle

    • No, I haven’t tried Canon yet. Will have to hit it up next time I’m up visiting. I usually stay with my brother in Ballard so I’ve been eating my way through. Any more recommendations would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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