Breakfast cocktails – Luna Park

Breakfast cocktails - Luna Park

Pimm’s cup and Bloody mary. Each $12.75
Luna Park, San Francisco CA

This restaurant can sure get busy for weekend brunch, but I guess the same holds true for most restaurants in SF. SF’ers are serious about brunch. After waiting in line, it’s always a great idea to order a good cocktail (preferably bottomless, lol). We actually arrived at Luna Park early on to avoid the crowds. It’s a familiar feeling place, but you can’t get served alcohol at their sidewalk tables. Oh well, we had no problem drinking these indoors.

Hiking at Purisima Creek
Hiking at Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast cocktails – Luna Park

  1. yes to bottomless cocktails at breakfast, haha. Wouldn’t work for me as my kids would never get on their bus. These drinks look lovely. especially fond of a Pimm’s.

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