Mexican pizza – Taco Bell

Mexican pizza - Taco Bell
Two crispy pizza shells filled with seasoned beef, hearty beans and then topped with pizza sauce, a three cheese blend melted to perfection, and topped with diced ripe tomatoes. 550 calories, 31g fat
Taco Bell, Palm Springs CA

It’s that time again when I end up at Taco Bell late at night to have a “fourth meal” (which in my case is usually a seventh meal, lol)! I know that you all have fast food cravings every now and then, so don’t judge. 😉

Large boulders

Large boulders, Joshua Tree National Park.


5 thoughts on “Mexican pizza – Taco Bell

    • Just to give you fair warning, Taco Bell isn’t authentic Mexican food, lol! It’s just a typical American fast food joint that serves mass produced food that caters to most American tastebuds. That said, I think the food is decent and even have cravings for it every once in a while. I haven’t been to Shake Shack because that’s more of an East Coast chain. We don’t have any in San Francisco. But In N Out has really great burgers. I would recommend getting a Double Double “Animal Style”, fries, and a chocolate milkshake. No counting calories!

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