Blueberry streusel muffin – Starbucks

Blueberry streusel muffin - Starbucks

I think the bakery items at Starbucks taste like crap (at least at the U.S. stores), but if it’s the only coffee shop open at a small airport when it’s really early in the morning, I’m not past buying one. I swear these muffins have no flavor and taste like cardboard so you really need the coffee to help wash it down.. $2.59
Starbucks, Palm Springs International Airport (PSP)

Bighorn sheep statue

Bighorn sheep statue with oasis theme, PSP Airport.

12 thoughts on “Blueberry streusel muffin – Starbucks

  1. Opps, I hit send before finishing my text. I really think they can do a better job with their bakery items, and now that they are a coffee and food shop, they really should feature better items. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

        • I don’t think I’ve ever had Greek coffee. I should order some next time I’m at a reputable Greek restaurant. Yeah, SF has many independent coffee roasters so there’s plenty to choose from. My favorite is Philz Coffee because I find them the most consistent and their individual roasts are so distinct.

          • Very cool.. Yes, I can tell you I like Mezes in the marina district for Greek food, and there are a few others that are pretty new. I am actually trying to get my business going here in Sacramento, but you never know, you might see me out there in SF. 🙂
            Yes, try some Greek coffee. I even have a recipe for that here. 🙂

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