Assorted Acme toasted breads – Boulettes Larder

Assorted Acme toasted breads - Boulettes Larder
With sweet butter and organic fruit jam. Half order $4.50
Boulettes Larder, San Francisco CA

I know it’s just toasted bread, but these were SO good! I love Acme bread and used to go to their storefront back in my Berkeley days. The jam and sweet butter were of good quality. It’s amazing how something like this simple side order can really improve a breakfast experience.

Blue Bottle Three Africans coffee - Boulettes Larder
Blue Bottle Three Africans coffee. Small French press $6
It’s really annoying when restaurants charge you more for an item than the listed menu price. I know that fifty cents isn’t something to complain about, but restaurants should KNOW how to charge people correctly! Super lame, Boulettes Larder! This is definitely a pet peeve of mine.

Magnolia infructescence (Magnoliaceae) mural
Magnolia infructescence (Magnoliaceae) mural, Church Street. I’ve always enjoyed this large, colorful mural depicting several plants found in the Bay Area.


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