Espresso shot – Blue Bottle Coffee Mobile Kiosk

Project 365: Day 23

My bicep was still hurting this morning. I started noticing it yesterday so I didn’t do any arm exercises at the gym today. I hope I didn’t tear it or anything!

It was also very difficult getting out of bed. It’s Friday and the prospect of the weekend was so soothing that I wanted to just stay in bed and wait for it to begin. Alas, I got up and started my day. Baby Girl needed to be taken outside and fed anyway, lol!

Hoping that work flies by today. Going straight home afterward and getting some laundry done. I also need to start cleaning the apartment for my work party tomorrow night. So excited about it, but also dreading the work that’s got to happen before it can happen. LOTS of cleaning!

Espresso Blue Bottle Coffee Mobile Kiosk

Shot of espresso. $2.50
Blue Bottle Coffee Mobile Kiosk, San Francisco

This shot of espresso was a little sour to me! It didn’t have the depth of flavor that I expect in an espresso shot. I do love supporting Blue Bottle though and their coffee cart is convenient located near my gym. GCW – gym, coffee, work. 🙂  Rapunzel was chatting about Jersey Shore yesterday so now it’s stuck in my head. I called her a grenadine – that was kinda funny!

Espresso Blue Bottle Coffee Mobile Kiosk

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