Almond and goji berry chocolates – Benchic Chocolate

Almond goji berry chocolates Benchic Chocolate

Cacao (raw chocolate), Bay Area wild honey, lucuma, vanilla, Himalayan salt, goji berries, and almonds.
Benchic Chocolate, Bay Area

I recently discovered a new, local chocolatier!  Benchic Chocolate makes delicious, minimally processed treats using only certified organic or pesticide free ingredients.  They are absolutely delicious and you can purchased them online!

Almond goji berry chocolates Benchic Chocolate

These chocolates are quite wholesome with only 7 high quality ingredients, and nothing is heated over 160 degrees Fahrenheit in the process.  These addicting morsels are dark, dense, and not overly sweet – just the way I like it!

Almond goji berry chocolates Benchic Chocolate

These particular chocolates have chopped raw almonds and goji berries inside. I love the bright red color of the berries, and you can still see their seeds.  The only sweetner used is local wild honey, so you don’t have to worry about any refined sugar.  You can really taste and apprecieate all the individual ingredients.

Benchic Chocolate box

My chocolates arrived in this chic (hehe) robin egg blue box reminiscent of those from Tiffany & Co.  Quite appropriate since both contain exciting treats inside.  Personally, I’d prefer chocolates any day – lol!

Benchic Chocolate packaging

Ben Tseitlin, founder of Benchic Chocolate, also teaches chocolate making classes for the general public.  You’ll not only learn about the history and health benefits of chocolate, but you’ll experience a tasting tour of ingredients and make your own scrumptious treats.

Simple, and simply delicious!

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