Cilantro-crusted fish tacos – Liberty Cafe

Cilantro-crusted fish tacos - Liberty Cafe
Fresh wild flounder, avocado mayo, jicama slaw, chile de arbol salsa. $15
Liberty Cafe, San Francisco CA

I really wasn’t in the mood for proper brunch food when I was here so I opted for these fish tacos. OMG, what a mistake! As you can see, the plate looks like a messy pile of crap and the random thimble-sized side of bland black beans they threw in was just ridiculous. There was not even a hint of cilantro flavor in the greasy fish. And don’t even try to eat these like proper tacos because the single tortillas underneath become way too soggy from the sloppy mound of wet ingredients on top.

Unknown immature sea animals
Unknown immature sea animals emerging from the sand, Fort Funston. These probably would’ve tasted better than the crap tacos above!