Special burger – Dick’s Drive-In

Special burger - Dick's Drive-In
Single 1/8 pound grilled patty with lettuce, mayonnaise and pickle relish. $1.80
Dick’s Drive-In, Seattle WA

We might have been drunk on this night and I might have fallen on my butt in the Dick’s parking lot, but those are all just rumors, lol! Being from Seattle, I absolutely LOVE Dick’s burgers. I’ll even go as far to as to say that I prefer them over In-N-Out, GASP! But it’s true. They have such a distinctive taste and texture, and they go down WAY too easily. Another reason why I don’t think I was drink was that I ordered a Special instead of a Deluxe! I definitely was sober enough to foolishly care about caloric intake. I’m an idiot!

French fries- Dick's Drive-In
French fries. Soooo good!

Chocolate milkshake- Dick's Drive-In
Chocolate milkshake.

8 thoughts on “Special burger – Dick’s Drive-In

  1. awesome burgers, no doubt. i’ll drive into seattle from time to time just to get one, and i don’t drive to seattle unless it’s an emergency. Dicks…well…thats a greasy burger emergency! woo!

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