Rum raisin & Coconut macarons – La Boulange de Noe

Project 365: Day 13

Had a pretty tough time at the gym this morning. I felt really tired and weak. The 4 days off in Palm Springs without exercise really made a difference. I still tried to be productive though. I was STARVING after the gym so I made a quick grocery run at Whole Foods and grabbed a couple macaron flavors I haven’t tried yet from La Boulange.

It’s been super cold in San Francisco since I’ve been back. I was freezing on the way to the gym and had to wear a scarf. Although it was super cold, the light on our balcony was bright and made for these great pics. I’m gonna be taking plenty of morning food pics since I’m back to working nights.

Rum raisin & Coconut macarons La Boulange de Noe

I liked both of these flavors, but the coconut really knocked my socks off! It had great flavor and the texture from the coconut bits was fun. Although I like the rum raisin, I couldn’t have told you the flavor without knowing prior. It was a good, but indistinguishable.  $1.50 each
La Boulange de Noe, San Francisco

Rum raisin La Boulange de Noe

Rum rasisin macaron.

Coconut macaron La Boulange de Noe

Coconut macaron.

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