BuzzFeed picks up my Cherpumple post!

BuzzFeed cherpumple
My cherpumple post always gets more hits right around Thanksgiving, but this year BuzzFeed has picked it up for their 9 Glorious Pie-Cakes to Make for Thanksgiving article. Yay, I’m so excited!

7 thoughts on “BuzzFeed picks up my Cherpumple post!

    • Yeah, it’s one of the few times I actually blogged about “cooking” (really assembling) something. It was really for a challenge I received at work, and didn’t realize the post would become so popular. I had fun with writing it and hoped that I could effectively share my baking experience or that people could at least find the blog post amusing.

      • OK my bad. I didn’t see initially that recipe & photos were separate in the BuzzFeed article. So I clicked through to that blog where the photos were from & was totally confused because it looked sorta feminine, the author states to be a mother of 5 or so & it just didn’t sound like you at all… Realized my mistake just now. I think they should’ve taken your photo along with the recipe because your psychedelic cherpumple looks much much cooler!! Congrats anyway.

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