What I ate for Thanksgiving 2013!


I went back to the Puget Sound to spend time with my family over Thanksgiving. It was great to see everyone, even my dad who usually doesn’t leave the house very often in his old age. My oldest sister and her family were having their own Thanksgiving in Tacoma so I wasn’t able to see them, but there were so many others I was glad and fortunate to spend time with this holiday. Everyone else (which included 5 of my siblings and too many nieces and nephews) met up at the second oldest siblings house in our hometown. We and an amazing time catching up, telling stories, playing games, and generally teasing each other and having a good laugh. There was TOO much food, but here are some of the pics I was able to snap before I literally drank myself to sleep, LOL!


Acorn squash with stuffing
Acorn squash with stuffing.

Mashed sweet potatoes
Mashed sweet potatoes topped with maple-glazed nuts.

Fresh fried lumpia.

Roasted duck and lechon
Roasted duck and lechon (roasted pork).

Crab foo yung
Crab foo yung.

Turon (dessert lumpia with banana and jackfruit).

And WAY too much wine!!!

19 thoughts on “What I ate for Thanksgiving 2013!

  1. Wow! That dinner looks fantastic! It reminds me of dinners that would be served here in Hawaii. Lots of local dishes that make the meal extra special.

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