I’m not a foodie, I just like to eat.

This blog consists of iPhone pics chronicling what I love most – EATING! I started taking photos of my food in 2011 and shortly started blogging afterward. I eventually included random pics of the local areas just for fun.

I consider Vittle Monster more of a “food journal” than a traditional “food blog”. I enjoy going out with great company and eating amazing food. While I’m not a food expert, I know my likes and dislikes and will share them openly. This blog helps me recount some of my favorite dining experiences (and a lot of the bad ones, hehe).

I’m also not a professional photographer but I do what I can with my worn but trusty iPhone. None of the pics are digitally enhanced or edited, hence a lot of dark and blurry shots but I also refuse to use a flash in dark restaurants (I have personal limits, lol). Please respect my ownership of all the content on this blog, and feel free to contact me with any questions.



285 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting blog here! Thanks for dropping by my own – glad you like it. I hope to include a few food thoughts too, but I don’t think I’ll manage to make them as tasty as yours!

  2. love your blog! I have been photographing my food for years too- but just have them stored on my computer! your journal is great! thanks for engaging with my blog too!

  3. Thanks for the Like on my blog. I enjoy what you are doing…what’s better than great food and great food pics, after all?

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