Stewed beef tongue and turnips – Mission Chinese Food

Project 365: Day 55

Not much going on today. Just another day of training at work, hitting the gym afterward and I have to remember to swing by Walgreens for some hairspray. Other than that, I’ll prolly just catch up on DVR. I should start thinking about what I’m going to pack for Ohio. It’s gonna be in the 40’s, EW! It’ll be fun to see Codes though. Not looking forward to all the food and drinks though so close to the cruise, bad timing.

Stewed beef tongue and turnips Mission Chinese Food

Tendon terrine, hot mustard, pickled burdock root, chives. $10
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco

This soup is very rich and kinda too salty! The beef tongue is fall-apart tender and so tasty as are the root vegetables, but the broth is super soy flavored, smoky, and salty. I’m not sure where the tendon terrine is in there. I would imagine that a tendon terrine with just melt in such a hot soup.

Stewed beef tongue and turnips Mission Chinese Food

Lengua taco – El Farolito

Project 365: Day 36

It felt good to be back at the gym this morning. It’s Thursday and I really want it to be Friday! At least the weather is getting nicer. Hopefully it’ll be great for the weekend. Gotta plan dinner with the boys on Saturday. Papa Chang also recommend some Asian restaurants down in San Jose for Sunday – can’t wait!

Lengua taco El Farolito

Regular taco with beef tongue, two soft tortillas, hot salsa, onions and cilantro. $2.25
El Farolito, San Francisco

This was delicious! I love the dark, rich flavor of beef tongue. It was super tender, juicy, and fatty – just the way I like it! They also pile on the meat and top it off with yummy toppings. Messy, but amazing!

Lengua taco El Farolito