Spicy grilled catfish – Cracker Barrel

Spicy grilled catfish - Cracker Barrel
Two farm-raised catfish fillets, macaroni n’ cheese and country green beans. $9.69
Cracker Barrel Restaurant, North Charleston SC

Oh well for my attempt to order something healthy. These catfish fillets were pan fried in LOTS of butter. They tasted good, but I really wasn’t in the mood for another heavy meal. I can’t pass up mac & cheese though! This version was pretty good!

Turnip greens - Cracker Barrel
Turnip greens with pork bits.

Corn muffins - Cracker Barrel
Made-from-scratch corn muffins and butter.

Ca kho to – Ben Tre

Ca kho to - Ben Tre
Catfish clay pot simmered in traditional homestyle sauce and garlic, spinkled with black pepper, served with a bowl of steamed jasmine rice. $11.25
Ben Tre Vietnamese Homestyle Cuisine, South San Francisco CA

This was one of the saddest clay pots I’ve had in a while! The three pieces of fish were SUPER small and most of the liquid in the sauce had been cooked down too much making it SUPER salty, yuck! I expected more substance from this dish. Don’t think I’ll be ordering this again!

Fried catfish sandwich – Magnolias

Fried catfish sandwich - Magnolias
With lettuce, tomato, cheddar chesese, green tomato, and tartar sauce on a toasted hoagie roll. Served with jalapeno-peach coleslaw and butter pickles. $12
Magnolia’s – Uptown Down South, Charleston SC

SO good! The catfish was delicious and perfectly fried – not greasy at all. The jalapeno-peach coleslaw was a pleasant option and you gotta love butter pickles. The sandwich was pretty large but the upper hoagie bun was too thick for me. I wish they could have toasted it a little more.

Housemade bread and butter - Magnolias
Housemade bread and butter. I know that the butter was flavored but I forget what it was exactly – it was delicious though!

Daughters of the Confederacy Museum

Daughters of the Confederacy Museum. This historic building sits on the corner of Market Street and Meeting Street at the western end off covered market area. It looks cool from the outside, but I haven’t gone inside yet. I like that you can walk underneath it to enter the market behind it.

Fried catfish combo – Roux Louisiana Kitchen

Project 365: Day 39

Drove down to San Jose today to have brunch with a couple of Silverfox’s friends. I was super excited to go since I never go there and I’d get to try new restaurants, but the place we went to totally bombed. The service was horrific (SO slow) and the food was mediocre. We shopped around Santana Row and Westfield Mall afterward and I was able to buy a few t-shirts so the trip wasn’t a complete bust!

Omg, can’t wait for the Grammy’s tonight! Actually I have to head into work but I’m recording it on DVR. I still am a little in shock that Whitney Houston died yesterday! I know she was a complete mess at the end, but she was SO beautiful and SO talented. What happened to her was an utter tragedy. We watched her sing the national anthem on Youtube a couple times this morning and she was spectacular. She hit every perfect note SO effortlessly and she looked fresh and full of life. I’m saddened by her loss. I told Silverfox that this hits me more than the loss of Michael Jackson (or Heath Ledger actually). I grew up with her songs and enjoyed listening to her amazing voice. She was a bright light in the lives of so many people and she will be missed.

Fried catfish combo Roux Louisiana Kitchen

Cornmeal crusted, fried catfish with macaroni and cheese and a biscuit. $13
Roux Louisiana Kitchen, San Jose CA

The catfish fillet was really large, but it wasn’t all that good. The crust was a little greasy and it didn’t have a lot of flavor. I had to drown in it Crystal’s hot sauce! The biscuit was also dense and lackluster. It was a disappointment after the cornbread. I liked the macaroni and cheese but it was also very greasy. I know that mac ‘n cheese can sometimes be greasy, but this was out of control. You could see the bread crumb topping just dripping with it, gross!

Cornbread Roux Louisiana Kitchen

Cornbread with honey butter. Complimentary. This was one of few yummy items and it was quite large!

Caramelized catfish claypot – The Slanted Door

Caramelized catfish claypot The Slanted Door

Served with cilantro, ginger, thai chilies, and onions.  $15
The Slanted Door, San Francisco

This was my absolute favorite dish at The Slanted Door!  I remember ordering this back in the day when the restaurant was still in its small space on Valencia Street.  I loved it then and I still love it today.  It has such a deep, rich flavor and the catfish is so tender and fall-apart flakey.  The sauce is SO amazing with the caramelized onions.  The catfish slices do have a lot of bones in them so be careful!  I’m used to fish bones, and I actually like that they’re there because they add more flavor to the dish.  Beautiful and delicious!!!