Little gem lettuce salad – Nojo

Little gem lettuce salad - Nojo
Carrots, daikon, crispy rice crackers, radishes and creamy miso dressing. $10.50
Nojo, San Francisco CA

This was a really fun salad especially with the crispy rice crackers. The creamy miso dressing was delicious but perhaps added to heavily.

Ocean Beach
View of Ocean Beach from Point Lobos Avenue.

Golden State Ale – Nojo

Golden State Ale - Nojo

Uncommon Brewery, “Uncommon beer for uncommon people”, organic, 16 oz. $6.50
Nojo, San Francisco CA

I’d never seen this beer before so I had to order it. And as a trained botanist, I immediately fell in love with the beer can art. I included my own pic of some California poppies to keep the theme going. As for the beer, I really liked it! It was light and very tasty.

California poppy
California poppy, coastal form (Eschscholzia californica, Papaveraceae), Point Lobos Avenue.