Melon and cucumber amuse bouche – Luce

Melon and cucumber amuse bouche - Luce
Basil, grape, burrata. Tasting menu $95
Luce, San Francisco CA

This amuse was bright and refreshing. All the ingredients tasted great and the basil was an interesting and delicious addition. A great way to cleanse your palate before a long meal.

de Young Museum

Main atrium at the de Young Museum.

Cocktails – Luce

Stone Sour cocktail - Luce

Stone Sour: Knob Creek bourbon, fresh lemon and blood orange juice, shaken with barrel-aged syrup and served tall on the rocks with brandied cherries. $12
Luce, San Francisco CA

The cocktails at Luce were really fun and delicious. Each one had several ingredients and they all generally worked well together. The Stone Sour was probably my favorite because it had bourbon, but the Moscone Pear was tasty in its own way.

Moscone Pear cocktail - Luce

Moscone Pear: Dimmi herbal grappa liqueur, shaken with fresh pear puree, fresh squeezed lime and lemon, served up. $12

Noe Valley
Noe Valley.