Shrimp cocktail – JJ’s Mexican Oasis

Project 365: Day 84

Boring day at work today, but did finalize my travel authorization to Charleston. I had a little scare because I thought for a moment that I was being sent to George instead. Went to the gym after work, then had dinner at Tuba Restaurant with Silverfox. Not much else besides still trying to catch up on DVR, hehe!

Shrimp cocktail JJ's Mexican Oasis

More like a ceviche with avocado and served with saltine crackers. Large $8.49
JJ’s Mexican Oasis, Palm Springs CA

This was fresh and delicious. Great citrus flavor and the shrimp texture wasn’t chewy or grainy.

Chips and salsa JJ's Mexican Oasis

Chips and salsa. Complimentary. Yum!

Enchilada poquito combination – JJ’s Mexican Oasis

Project 365: Day 9

Wow, 7 hour drive to Palm Springs this morning! I’ve done that drive with Silverfox many times so it doesn’t even feel like 7 hours anymore. Even though I slept in the car for about an hour, the drive felt much shorter.

After we got to Palm Springs, we were starving so we to the nearest non-chain Mexican joint, JJ’s Mexican Oasis. I’ve been here before with Hubbs during out PS trip to Breleman’s wedding (but that’s another story!). The staff here is super sweet and the food is pretty good. Of course I had my Mexican food equalizer – an enchilada!

I learned something new today! Apparently a vodka soda with a splash of cranberry is called a Rose Kennedy!!! Who know?! It kind of blew my mind because nobody had ever referred to it by that name before. This happened at Wang’s In the Desert Restaurant where our server called it by that name after we ordered it. Omg, thank you! So of course when we were at Hunter’s later that night, I ordered the drink by it’s official name and the bartender knew what it was! Was I the only clueless person who didn’t know the proper name for this cocktail?!

Have I mentioned how much I love Palm Springs weekends?! They’re just SO relaxing and carefree. And I love spending time with Silverfox, hehe!

Poquito enchilada combination JJ's Mexican Oasis

Chicken enchilada topped with cheese, olives and enchilada sauce. Served with Mexican rice, refried beans, lettuce and sour cream. $6.79
JJ’s Mexican Oasis, Palm Springs CA

This wasn’t the best echilada I’ve ever had – it was in the median range. The refried beans were pretty good and the Mexican rice was ok. The great service was a plus! The chips were a bit greasy but I liked how the salsa had a heat that lingered.

Corona light beer JJ's Mexican Oasis

Corona light beer. $3.99
SO good to drink after a long drive!