Zaru tofu – Izakaya Yuzuki

Zaru tofu - Izakaya Yuzuki
House-made fresh tofu with sea salt. Tasting menu
Izakaya Yuzuki, San Francisco CA

This was different from any tofu I’ve ever had – I enjoyed it. The texture was super soft and creamy. It had very little flavor so the sea salt was useful. It was also a bit difficult to eat this with the awkward wooden spoons they provided but I like a challenge. 🙂

Sea salt - Izakaya Yuzuki
Sea salt.

My baby-girl
My baby-girl enjoying a walk up Bernal Hill and treated to a great view of San Francisco.

Chicken katsu and vegetable buns – Izakaya Yuzuki

Chicken katsu and vegetable buns - Izakaya Yuzuki
Sunday special. Fried chicken with marinated vegetables and greens. $10
Izakaya Yuzuki, San Francisco CA

These chicken buns weren’t on the menu, but I saw the table next to us receive an order so I asked if we could get some too. It was their special so that’s why it wasn’t in print. Omg, these were amazing! The chicken was tender and juicy, but the saucey vegetables were the best part. They had SO much flavor!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2013

Asahi beer - Izakaya Yuzuki

Asahi beer. $6

Random sidewalk message
“Let your smile change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.” Random sidewalk message, Church Street.