Crock of pimento cheese – Hi Tops

Crock of pimento cheese - Hi Tops
Rye toast, pile of pickles. $8
Hi Tops, San Francisco CA

I first had pimento cheese during my trips to Charleston and it’s definitely a flavor and texture that you need to get used to. This version at Hi Tops with rye toast rocks!

Hardy coastal shrub
Hardy coastal shrub, Point Lobos Avenue.

Warm soft pretzel – Hi Tops

Warm soft pretzel - Hi Tops
With house-made mustard and honey. $7
Hi Tops, San Francisco CA

What a perfect item to serve at a sports bar! Since chef Jamie Lauren of Top Chef fame served wonderful pretzel bites at her former restaurant Absinthe, why not add a pretzel to the Hi Tops menu?! Score!

Fort Funston
Taking the dog for a walk on the beach at Fort Funston.

Fried chicken sandwich – Hi Tops

Fried chicken sandwich - Hi Tops

Spicy rooster slaw, pickles, served with fries. $12
Hi Tops, San Francisco CA

I love the sandwiches at Hi Tops. They’re big and messy and packed with flavor. This fried chicken sandwich was delicious, but the chicken was a little on the greasy side. The rooster slaw was amazing though. The fries were tasty but most of them were kinda short and annoying to eat.