Eric’s spicy eggplant – Eric’s Restaurant

Eric's spicy eggplant Eric's Restaurant

Sauteed eggplant with chicken, shrimp, red bell pepper, and basil in a special spicy sauce.  $9.75
Eric’s Restaurant, San Francisco

I’m an eggplant fanatic so, naturally, this is one of my favorite dishes at Eric’s.  You also get a great combination of different proteins with the beautifully sauteed eggplants.  The sauce is so flavorful and made even better with the basil.  My only complaint is that I always order this extra spicy, but I always receive it with barely any spice.  C’mon people, gimme some heat!!!  🙂

General Tso’s chicken – Eric’s Restaurant

General Tso's chicken Eric's Restaurant

Breaded and deep fried chicken pieces topped with a special sauce.  $8.75
Eric’s Restaurant, San Francisco

“General Tso’s chicken” can mean anything on a Chinese restaurant menu.   If you haven’t been to that particular restaurant before, you can expect to get just about anything.  The General Tso’s chicken at Eric’s Restaurant is one of my favorites.  The nuggets are pretty meaty (meaning they’re not overly breaded) and the sauce is absolutely delicious.  It was a great dark, garlicky flavor and it’s nice and sticky.  Noms!