Corn soup – Bar Agricole

Corn soup Bar Agricole

Large bowl of warm corn soup with aleppo pepper, creme fraiche, and chopped serpolette.  $14
Bar Agricole, San Francisco

This soup was absolutely heavenly!  The flavors were great and the texture was awesome.  The corn was coarsely pureed so you could still feel pieces of kernel in your mouth.  The garnishes looked great against the soft yellow color of the corn soup.  I didn’t get much of a kick from the crushed and ground aleppo flakes and the serpolette was completely lost flavor-wise.  It didn’t matter though, the soup was tasty enough to stand on its own.  The portion was a generous one, which was great since everyone at the table wanted to taste it!
Serpolette (Thymus serphyllum), more commonly spelled “serpolet”, is a wild thyme.  I learned something new, haha!

Chopped liver on toast – Bar Agricole

Chopped liver on toast Bar Agricole
This appetizer came with a side of dressed radicchio and garnished with sliced, pickled onions. $9
Bar Agricole, San Francisco

I didn’t grow up eating chopped liver, but there are Filipino dishes from my childhood that had plenty of liver in it. I don’t mind the strong, minerally taste that I remember so I’m never scared of ordering it at restaurants. This Jewish staple is definitely not like the liver I grew up with! It has a more mellow flavor and a smoother consistency. Bar Agricole’s chopped liver was well seasoned and had a great texture. It was a rustic preparation and you could see the seasonings and add-ins in the coarse mixture. The toasted bread was cut thick enough to hold the generous slathers of chopped liver. Very good! The radicchio, however, was SO salty. Personally, I love salt and can tolerate plenty of it, but these were inedible.

Cocktails – Bar Agricole

Brown Derby Bar Agricole
Brown Derby: bourbon, grapefruit, lemon, honey and bitters.  $10

Tequila Cocktail Bar Agricole
Tequila Cocktail: tequila, sweet vermouth, stonefruit bitters and orange.  $10

Brandy Scaffa Bar Agricole
Brandy Scaffa: brandy, maraschino, raspberry, chartreuse bitters.  $10
Bar Agricole, San Francisco

These signature cocktails were absolutely delicious, although on the small side.  So at $10 a pop, these are definitely drinks to sip and savor.  I love the large (hand cut?) ice cube in the Tequila Cocktail.  These always increase the classy factor.  In order of taste preference, I would re-order the Brown Derby, Tequila Cocktail, then the Brandy Scaffa.  The Brown Derby wasn’t too heavy tasting and you could taste the citrus and honey flavors.  The Tequila Cocktail went down really easy – danger, danger!  The Brandy Scaffa was a little too dark and heavy tasting for me.  Bar Agricole has a nice, long list of house cocktails so there’s something for everyone.  Yes please!