Beef pastrami hash – Founding Farmers

Beef pastrami hash - Founding Farmers
Poached eggs, onion, bell pepper, hollandaise. $8
Founding Farmers, Washington DC

This was disgusting and sad! The pastrami hash was really dry and overly salty, the poached eggs were rock hard, and the hollandaise sauce was congealed onto the eggs. The plate had obviously spent too much time under the heat lamp or something (or perhaps it was poorly made from the start). I’m not sure why everyone kept raving about Founding Farmers? I wasn’t impressed on either of the two times I dined there.

Graft, National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden
Graft, National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden.

2 thoughts on “Beef pastrami hash – Founding Farmers

  1. Hi there-

    I am so sorry you feel that way! We never want to be described as ‘sad’ or over seasoned. We want to blow you away with every bite of every dish! I definitely want to learn more and pass your comments to our culinary team. If you’d be willing to continue the conversation, please email at I know we are capable of so much more and I hope we get the chance to prove that to you!

    Founding Farmers

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