Pear and chocolate bread puddin’ – Arizmendi Bakery

Project 365: Day 29

I think I drank too much last night, lol! I was hurting this morning, but thank god I didn’t have to work until noon.

Last night we went to the Foodspotting Ball Ball held at their San Francisco office near the ballpark. We arrived a little early so we ducked into District to relax and grab a quick glass of wine. Brooklyn who I know from Cheer SF was working and took great care of us! We were only there quickly but he sat us at a reserved table and gave us great service. Thanks, Brooklyn! I’ve always liked that guy!

The Ball was ok. We talked to a few people and everyone seemed nice and were having a good time. There was free wine and beer and a few food items. I thought there would be more food though. They encouraged people to bring food items in the shape of balls but I only noticed I person who brought chocolate rice krispy balls. There may have been more people who brought stuff but I didn’t see them. Everybody seemed to be gathered around the Beretta table because they were serving their delicious dungeness crab arancinis with a calabrese aioli. Noms! Every time they would bring out a freshly fried batch, the crowd with greedily swoop in and leave the table barren once again. I’ll admit I had a couple of them. They were the only thing substantial to eat anyway.

Afterward, under the influence of wine, I had the great idea of going to Badlands for another drink. Bad move! We followed that with another drink at The Edge, then headed home and crawled into bed. Ahhh…

Pear chocolate bread pudding Arizmendi Bakery

Bread pudding with pear, chocolate, bread flour, eggs, buttermilk, cream, sugar, cinnamon, brown sugar, butter, dried fruit, yeast, sea salt, and pecans. $2.75
Arizmendi Bakery, San Francisco

Noms! SO good, Arizmendi and getting back on my nommy list! I think there is coconut in this bread pudding too. I skipped the gym this morning because I wasn’t feeling so hot, and of course I ate crap all morning. On my way to Bart I went to Arizmendi and grabbed this bread pudding. Never had it before but it’s pretty darn tasty!

Pear chocolate bread pudding Arizmendi Bakery

Large chunks of chocolate and pear cover the top of the bread pudding.

Pear chocolate bread pudding Arizmendi Bakery

Probably not the healthiest thing for you, but it’s worth the calories (and fat, lol)!

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