Mini bibingka – Bibingkinitan

Mini bibingka - Bibingkinitan
Soft and moist rice cakes made with 100% rice flour topped with salted duck egg and cheddar cheese.
Bibingkinitan, Manila PHILIPPINES

Omg, these were SO frickin’ good! They were deliciously salty, buttery and super soft. And they’re the perfect size to snack on, but you really can’t stop at just one. Noms!

Malacanan Palace balcony
Malacanan Palace balcony where President Ferdinand Marcos made his last public appearance.

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Breakfast pastries – Tous Les Jours

Breakfast pastries - Tous Les Jours
Banh lop choco. Chocolate chip pastry. 13,000 VND
Banh lop man. Mi ham cheese pastry. Each 9,000 VND
Tous Les Jours, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

I don’t think we really needed these pastries, but it was hot walking outside and we needed to use a bathroom so we ducked into Tous Les Jours for air conditioning, cold drinks and a potty break. Lol! The pastries were unplanned, delicious treats! I did get scolded for taking pics of their products inside the store though. I’m still not completely sure why but I assumed it was competitor/ownership issue.

Iced espresso drinks - Tous Les Jours
Iced Vietnamese milk coffee. 40,000 VND
Iced Americano. 35,000 VND

Huyen Sy Church
Huyen Sy Church, District 1.

Breakfast #2 – Best Western Hotel La Corona

Breakfast #2 - Best Western Hotel La Corona
Pan fried fish with onions, sautéed vegetables, kielbasa, garlic fried rice, scramble eggs with tomato, and berry cheese pastry. Complimentary
Best Western Hotel La Corona, Manila PHILIPPINES

Another random collection of food at the breakfast buffet. I didn’t like the fish very much especially since everything tended to be pretty cold. I love garlic fried rice though! I should have ordered another plate of the bacon but I think I was pacing myself for the day. Hehe!

Complimentary truffles - Best Western Hotel La Corona
Complimentary truffles in our room.

Sunset on Manila Bay
Sunset on Manila Bay.

Custard pastry – Tous Les Jours

Custard pastry - Tous Les Jours
Banh lop kem. 10,000 VND
Tous Les Jours, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

This was a nice little sweet treat for our morning walk to the War Remnants Museum. It got SO hot that we had to stop at Tao Dan Park for some much needed shade. The custard pastry was SO tasty and moist. This bakery was really popular since it had branches all over the city.

Gerbera daisies
Gerbera daisies, Tao Dan Park.

Breakfast #1 – Best Western Hotel La Corona

Breakfast #1 - Best Western Hotel La Corona
Sweet and sour meatballs, fried rice, ham, kielbasa sausage, scrambled eggs, raspberry cream cheese pastry. Complimentary
Best Western Hotel La Corona, Manila PHILIPPINES

For a complimentary breakfast buffet at a Best Western, I was impressed that they tried to have variety every morning. The food was ok, but they didn’t keep any of it very warm. The bacon was the best part because it’s cooked to order upon request to a waiter.

Bacon - Best Western Hotel La Corona

Crab and corn soup - Best Western Hotel La Corona
Crab and corn soup.

Juice - Best Western Hotel La Corona
Mango juice and orange juice.

Coffee - Best Western Hotel La Corona

National Shrine of Saint Michael and the Archangels
National Shrine of Saint Michael and the Archangels, Malacanan, Manila.

Bacon cheddar scone – Four Barrel Coffee

Bacon cheddar scone - Four Barrel Coffee
Gross, this was probably the most disgusting breakfast item I’ve had in a while! There were huge globs of baking soda (or powder?) THROUGHOUT the scone and it tasted like crap. Someone should tell them that they need to mix in all the ingredients properly so that customers aren’t eating pockets of powder with every bite. $3.50
Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco CA

California Palace of the Legion of Honor
California Palace of the Legion of Honor.

Chocolate twist – Caffe Nero

Chocolate twist - Caffe Nero
It started drizzling one afternoon so we decided to duck into Caffe Nero to relax and people watch. The coffee was pretty tasty and the chocolate twist was delicious. The pastry was flaky on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. The chocolate wasn’t overly sweet so that was also a good thing.
Caffe Nero, London ENGLAND

Caffe latte - Caffe Nero
Caffe latte.

Americano - Caffe Nero

Agatha Christie Statue

Agatha Christie Statue, Ben Twiston-Davies, Covent Garden.

Croissant and fruit – United Airlines

Croissant and fruit - United Airlines
Cantaloupe, honey dew melon, butter.
San Francisco (SFO) to Paris (CDG), United Airlines

Nothing says, “Welcome to Paris!” quite like an United Airlines breakfast – NOT! This was a veritable slap in the face, lol. The croissant was limp, chewy, and rock hard in some places. And they served the cheapest fruit you can buy. Huh, I’m really not surprised at the quality and item choice from United though. I’ve never associated United Airlines with delicious food or outstanding service. C’est la vie!

Styrofoam Hummer H1
Styrofoam Hummer H1 (low mileage, always garaged), 2005, Andrew Junge, SFO Terminal 3.

Pain au choco-framboise – Miss Manon

Pain au choco-framboise - Miss Manon
Chocolate raspberry croissant. 2,40€
Miss Manon, Paris FR

French breakfast pastries, yay! This was pretty good. It was flaky and buttery, and the fillings were delicious. I have to admit that I wasn’t blown away though. A friend of mine gave me a false expectation that French pastries were gonna absolutely blow my mind. I mean, they were good but I think that some of the local San Francisco bakeries can hold their own.

Medici Fountain
Medici Fountain, Jardin du Luxembourg. This is a very peaceful section of the garden where people relax on benches on either side of the pond.