Peach pop-tart – ChurchKey

Peach pop-tart - ChurchKey
This was definitely a bit clunky, but I’m really not going to complain too much because of the great price! I wish there was more peach flavor though and the frosting was thick and amateurish. $1.50
ChurchKey, Washington DC

Brunch Punch cocktail - ChurchKey
Brunch Punch: vodka, lemonade, basil, hibiscus, aperol, berries. $7

The Ellipse
The Ellipse.

French toast donut – Analog Coffee

French toast donut - Analog Coffee
Provided by Mighty-O donuts. $2
Analog Coffee, Seattle WA

Ugh, this donut was dry and gross and off-tasting. I later found out that it was vegan – no wonder. That just goes to show that some vegan food doesn’t come anywhere close to tasting as good as the original. The latte was ok, and the guys working the store were friendly enough. I hated that their wifi wasn’t working, lame…

Latte - Analog Coffee