Assorted pastries – Larsen’s Bakery

Assorted pastries - Larsen's Bakery
Lemon and cream cheese spandau $2.49, cheese and green onion biscuit, caramel French cruller $1.09, cream cheese spandau $2.49, apple fritter $1.49, bismarck $1.79, bear claw $2.59.
Larsen’s Bakery, Seattle WA

Mmm, these were SO good! This was my first time at Larsen’s Danish Bakery and I was like a kid in a candy store. My favorites were the French culler and the cheese and green onion biscuit.

Matcha cruffin – Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Matcha cruffin - Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
Croissant-muffin filled with green tea cream. Each $4.50
Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, San Francisco CA

Matcha cruffin - Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
Yes, I admit it! I waited in that stupid cruffin line for over an hour to try one of these things, and I don’t even like matcha (totally got screwed on the rotating flavors). But I’m also going to admit that these were AMAZING! Each person is only allowed 2 cruffins and you’ll definitely eat both and want another – they’re SO delicious, NOMS!

Matcha cruffin - Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Matcha cruffin - Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Matcha cruffin - Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Macarons – Bakery Lorraine

Macarons - Bakery Lorraine
Margarita and salted caramel. $2.25
Bakery Lorraine, San Antonio TX

The macarons were pretty, but inconsistently baked. The filling of the margarita macaron was too sugary sweet and you could feel the granulated sugar. The filling of the salted caramel tasted and felt like plain old whipped butter. Gross! The girl serving the pastries was also rude. This place failed all around and had absolutely no finesse with their food!