Salmon carpaccio – Izakaya Roku

Salmon carpaccio - Izakaya Roku
Izakaya Roku, San Francisco CA

This was more like salmon sashimi than carpaccio in my book, but what do I know? Hehe. I loved that they threw in salmon roe though and topped everything with greens! The dish was very pretty and tasty to boot – a winner.

Sapporo beer - Izakaya Roku
Sapporo beer. Happy hour $2

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Takoyaki – Izakaya Sozai

Takoyaki - Izakaya Sozai
Battered octopus balls, bonito flakes, nori, served with tonkatsu sauce. $9.50
Izakaya Sozai, San Francisco CA

Omg, these octopus balls were frickin’ amazing and I loved the presentation. This was definitely a case of eating with the eyes and mouth. The dish looked so pretty on the wooden plank and the bonito flakes and nori strips danced on top. It was difficult to taste the octopus (partly because octopus has such a mild flavor to begin with), but the texture was great and it was perfectly fried.

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