Soy sauce ramen – Ramen Underground

Soy sauce ramen - Ramen Underground
Basic toppings with bbq pork (1 slice), green onion, mushroom. Add chasu, boiled egg, and spinach. $13.95
Ramen Underground, San Francisco CA

I think this ramen is kinda expensive for a regular lunch. Once you add extra toppings, and tax and tip, you end up spending more than fifteen bucks for a bowl of soup! The quality has also gone downhill. The charsu pork slices were tiny and torn up – very sad. I don’t think it’s worth it any longer to wait in the ridiculously long line for this food.

Saints Peter and Paul Church
Saints Peter and Paul Church.

3 rolls lunch special – Passion Fin

3 rolls lunch special - Passion Fin
Spicy tuna roll. Alaska roll: salmon, avocado and cucumber. Honey Boston roll: shrimp, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, romaine lettuce with honey wasabi sauce. Served with miso soup. $12.50
Passion Fin, Merrifield VA

This wasn’t the best sushi ever, but it was a great value. I wasn’t a fan of their sushi rice (it was really dry and hard), but I liked that you got to choose 3 different rolls to try out. The Honey Boston roll was a nice combination of ingredients. And their miso soup hit the spot!

Miso soup - Passion Fin
Miso soup.

Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park VA.

Sauteed foie gras and grilled eel – Morimoto

Sauteed foie gras and grilled eel - Morimoto
Sake meyer lemon, asian pear, sansho pepper. $26
Morimoto, Philadelphia PA

Wow, this was delicious! Very rich, but delicious and interesting to eat. The foie gras and eel were perfectly cooked, but what really interested me was the sake meyer lemon jelly blobs. They were bright and fresh and really helped to cut the richness of the proteins. The Asian pear added crunch so you got a perfect bite with all the components together.

Ice rink at Philadelphia City Hall
Ice rink at Philadelphia City Hall.

Morimoto sashimi – Morimoto

Morimoto sashimi - Morimoto
Five assorted sashimi with seven sauces. $25
Morimoto, Philadelphia PA

I’m gonna start by saying that this sashimi assortment was very good. Everything was fresh and tasted great, and all the different sauces were fun and so different. As for the front desk, I thought they were a mess. I had a reservation but still had to wait 20 minutes only to be sat at an empty counter (as you can see from the pic). Ok, I don’t see why I couldn’t have sat immediately there, but I guess they like to give the illusion that their restaurant is uber exclusive and SO busy. Um, you have an empty counter so you’re not THAT busy and you should just seat it! I hate fake exclusivity.

Sushi counter at Morimoto
Empty sushi counter at Morimoto.

Independence Hall
Independence Hall.

Yellowtail sashimi – The Source

Yellowtail sashimi - The Source
Pickled jalapeno, citrus ponzu. Happy hour 3 food items for $22
The Source, Washington DC

This is a pretty good appetizer! You can choose any 3 items on their lounge menu for twenty two bucks. Count me in! This sashimi was ok. I question the freshness of the fish. It didn’t taste old or bad, but it also didn’t taste super fresh.

Atlas District Common draft beer - The Source
Atlas District Common draft beer. $8

Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon VA.