Sashimi of hamachi – Redd

Sashimi of hamachi - Redd
Sticky rice, edamame, lime ginger sauce. $14
Redd, Yountville CA

This was great. The hamachi was really fresh and clean tasting, and I really enjoyed all the flavors and textures underneath. The lime ginger sauce was delicate but complimented the hamachi nicely.

#29 roll – Ebisu

#29 roll - Ebisu
Yellow tail, salmon and shrimp wrapped with soybean paper, deep fried, with tuna outside. $13
Ebisu, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

This was actually decent for airport sushi. The fish wasn’t the most fresh but I liked the combination of ingredients. I’ve also never had a fried roll that was then wrapped in more rice and tuna – pretty cool.

Hokkaido ramen – The Ramen Bar

Hokkaido ramen - The Ramen Bar
Spicy yasai miso tare, corn, garlic butter, pork belly, soy-cured egg. $14
The Ramen Bar, San Francisco CA

This broth was SUPER salty! Omg, I almost couldn’t finish it because of the high salt level. I liked the overall flavors though and the ramen noodles were nicely firm. The egg was beautifully cooked, and the pork belly was delicious.