Pasta bolognese – Volt

Pasta bolognese - Volt
Calamari and pepperoni, roasted tomatoes, ricotta cheese cavatelli with squid ink, grated parmigiano reggiano. Tasting menu $95
Volt, Frederick MD

This pasta was very rich and delicious. I like that it was unconventional with the seafood additions of calamari in the sauce and squid ink in the pasta. These ingredients really changed the flavor and feel of the bolognese. This was about the point when I was getting VERY full and started wondering how many more dishes were left, hehe.

Sazerac cocktail - Volt
Sazerac: rye, bitters, lemon, fennel. $11

Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park, VA.

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Buffalo wings – Carolina Kitchen

Buffalo wings - Carolina Kitchen
Covered in spicy Buffalo sauce, with celery sticks, blue cheese and ranch dressings. $8.99
Carolina Kitchen, Washington DC

These wings weren’t very good and there weren’t very many of them either. They were dry and pretty small in size. Boo!

Peach sangria - Carolina Kitchen
Peach sangria. $10
Apparently when you order a sangria, they assume that you want peach instead of red. What? This tasted disgusting!

Neon US map, National Portrait Gallery
Neon US map, National Portrait Gallery.

Brussels sprouts salad – Dish

Brussels sprouts salad - Dish
Toasted walnuts, bleu cheese, roasted shallot puree, apple gastrique. $9
Dish, Charles Town WV

I actually liked this salad. It was simple and delicious, but maybe a little too sweet. The brussels sprouts were nice and firm, but they need a little more finesse with their overall flavors.

Margarita cocktail - Dish
Margarita. $5
Also too sweet!

Marine Barracks, Capitol Hill
Marine Barracks, Capitol Hill, Washington DC.

Enchiladas poblanas – Mi Degollado

Enchiladas poblanas - Mi Degollado
Two enchiladas topped with mole sauce, chopped onions and cheese. Served with rice and beans. $8.95
Mi Degollado, Charles Town WV

Gross, this food was horrible! I don’t know what they’re thinking but this does not successfully pass as decent Mexican food. The tortillas used for the enchiladas were sad and the mole sauce was bland. Even the margarita didn’t taste very good. Welcome to West Virginia I guess…

Margarita cocktail - Mi Degollado
Margarita. Medium $6.30

Chips and salsa - Mi Degollado
Chips and salsa. Complimentary

Charles Town Races
Charles Town Races.