Cocktails – Doug Fir Lounge

Wood Fir'd Manhattan cocktail - Doug Fir Lounge
Wood Fir’d Manhattan: Woodford Reserve bourbon, sweet vermouth and amarena cherry served up. $10
Doug Fir Lounge, Portland OR

Mmm, all these cocktail were delicious! Thanks, Simon!

Jean-Luc Pearcard cocktail - Doug Fir Lounge
Jean-Luc Pearcard: Grey Goose Le’poire, St. Germaine, lemon juice and simple syrup served up. $8

Takes Time cocktail - Doug Fir Lounge
Takes Time: Slow & Low rye whiskey, amarena cherries, fresh orange, whiskey barrel aged bitters served on the rocks. $7.50

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Cocktails – Kachka

Baba Yaga cocktail - Kachka
Baba Yaga: chamomile vodka, liquore strega, lemon. Happy hour $5
Kachka, Portland OR

These cocktails were yummy and great at only five bucks a pop during happy hour. I enjoyed the herbal flavored vodkas – it made the cocktails different and unique.

Laika cocktail - Kachka
Laika: tarragon vodka, grapefruit, tonic. Happy hour $5

Moscow Mule cocktail - Kachka
Moscow Mule: vodka, ginger beer, lime. Happy hour $5

Ceviche – Taqueria Nueve

Ceviche - Taqueria Nueve
Lime-marinated seafood of the day with tomato, onion and cilantro. $4.75
Taqueria Nueve, Portland OR

This was really delicious and fresh tasting. I liked that they served it on a tostada for some added crunch. It was on the small side but then again it cost less than five bucks so I can’t complain.

Chihuahua cocktail - Taqueria Nueve
Chihuahua: Olmeca altos blanco, fresh grapefruit, St. Germain. $8

Bocadillo sandwiches – Pepe Le Moko

Bocadillo sandwiches - Pepe Le Moko
Chorizo rioja and mahon cheese. Sweetheart ham and zucchini pickles. Each $5
Pepe Le Moko, Portland OR

OK, this bocadillos were pretty good. Thank goodness after those chip-your-teeth oysters. I liked the simple, quality ingredients and they were nice and gooey from the hot press!

Manhattan - Pepe Le Moko
Lay off the vermouth, sister! Apparently they don’t understand what “I don’t like sweet drinks” means at this bar. Between the snow cone Bakersfield and this candy Manhattan, I’d think I was at a malt shop instead of a bar.

Lamb andouille sausage – Clyde Common

Lamb andouille sausage - Clyde Common
Shelling beans, arugula pesto, poached eggs. $14
Clyde Common, Portland OR

This was a very hearty dish, but I felt like the andouille was dry and overcooked. Even the poached eggs were hard poached. The shelling beans tasted good, but the entire dish was just too dry for me. I had high hopes, but this dish fell flat.

I, Chihuahua - Clyde Common
I, Chihuahua: tequila, orange marmalade, soda. $9

Clyde Common

Hooks Bay oysters – Pepe Le Moko

Hooks Bay oysters - Pepe Le Moko
With plum vinegar mignonette and fresh horseradish. Half dozen $18
Pepe Le Moko, Portland OR

Damn, this place is dark! And not in a good way. I could barely read the menu. Perhaps the place is scarily dirty or they’re trying to hide something…

These small oyster tasted pretty good, but I was not a fan of the plum vinegar mignonette. It paired awfully with the oysters. The oysters were also poorly shucked and I had to keep spitting out shell bits. Lame!

Bakersfield Picon Punch Royale - Pepe Le Moko
Bakersfield Picon Punch Royale: Torani amer, lemon, Oregon brandy, grenadine, sparkling wine. $10

Our server assured me that this was their least sweet cocktail. God damn! This cocktail literally tasted like a Hawaiian shaved ice with a shit load of berry syrup dumped all over it! Ugh, barf!