Grilled Moroccan lamb ribs – Foreign Cinema

Grilled Moroccan lamb ribs - Foreign Cinema
Raw slaw, harissa, raita. $16
Foreign Cinema, San Francisco CA

Lamb riblets for an appetizer?! Never had it, but knew I’d love it. The lamb flavor was amazing and the harissa and raita were great sauce accompaniments. Noms!

Untouchables cocktail - Foreign Cinema
Untouchables: Buffalo Trace, Dolin Dry vermouth, lemon, grenadine, orange bitters. $12

Pimento cheese burger – ABV

Pimento cheese burger - ABV
Pickled onion, cucumber. $10
ABV, San Francisco CA

This was one pretty good burger. It was definitely on the small side (almost slider-sized), but the patty was delicious and I loved the small, soft bun. This burger was simple and delicious!

7×7 Magazine’s Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die

Fogerty cocktail - ABV
Fogerty: rye, campari, cacao, orange bitters. $11

Fanny Bay oysters – Farallon

Fanny Bay oysters - Farallon
One dozen served with champagne mignonette. Happy hour $12
Farallon, San Francisco CA

These were good (not the best), but at a dollar each I’m not gonna complain too much. As long as I had a bit of the mignonette with them I was fine. Some of them weren’t shucked very cleanly though, but the seaweed garnish was a nice touch.

Classic Manhattan cocktails - Farallon
Classic Manhattans. Happy hour each $6