Chorizo Belgian waffle – The Grille at Shadowrock

Chorizo Belgian waffle - The Grille at Shadowrock
Sauteed Mexican chorizo, fried eggs, whipped chayenne chive sour cream. $11.50
The Grille at Shadowrock, Sedona AZ

I actually really liked this waffle even though it was SO rich and I think it gave me a little heart burn. The flavored sour cream was pretty tasty though.

Cocktails - The Grille at Shadowrock
Bloody Mary and mimosa.

Huevos rancheros – The Grille at Shadowrock

Huevos rancheros - The Grille at Shadowrock
Two over easy eggs, cheddar cheese, crisp corn tortillas, black beans, tomatillo salsa. $12
The Grille at Shadowrock, Sedona AZ


I really liked this breakfast item! It was presented a little bit differently as a stacked dish. It was fun to eat and the tomatillo salsa tasted great with the black beans and crispy tortillas. The eggs were also cooked nicely, still runny and perfect.

“The Board” – Tinderbox Kitchen

The Board - Tinderbox Kitchen
House made charcuterie, TBOX breads, select cheese, other goodies. $16
Tinderbox Kitchen, Flagstaff AZ

This charcuterie board was delicious! I loved all the meats and the smoked duck breast was probably my favorite. Noms!

Churchill Manhattan & Hummingbird cocktail - Tinderbox Kitchen
Churchill Manhattan: Bulleit rye whiskey, sweet and dry vermouth, blood orange bitters, lemon twist.
Hummingbird: champagne, elderflower liqueur, lemon, soda.

Cocktails – Hotel Albatross

Jungle Bird cocktail - Hotel Albatross
Jungle Bird: Campari, Blackstrap, pineapple, and lime. $10
Hotel Albatross, Seattle WA

All these cocktails were super fun and yummy. I love that this tiki bar has opened up in Ballard. It’s a nice addition to the variety of bars in the neighborhood.

Planters Punch cocktail - Hotel Albatross
Planters Punch: Don the Beachcomber’s blend of rums, fruits and island spices. $10

Missionary's Downfall cocktail - Hotel Albatross
Missionary’s Downfall: rum blended with mint, peach brandy and pineapple fruit. $9