Corn arancini – Graffiato

Corn arancini - Graffiato
Happy hour $3
Graffiato, Washington DC

These tasted great, but they were definitely over-fried, boo! The exterior color was not appealing and had an unpleasant flavor. The interior was delicious though and I loved the bed of crumbled cheese.

Brown Derby cocktail - Graffiato
Brown Derby: bourbon, grapefruit, honey. Happy hour $6

Arts and Industries Building
Arts and Industries Building.

John’s Island Carolina stew – The Trellis Restaurant

John's Island Carolina stew - The Trellis Restaurant
Roasted turkey, shrimp, mussels, clams, cannellini beans, tomatoes, corn and lima beans. Served with grits and cornbread. $12.95
The Trellis Restaurant, Williamsburg VA

This was a super-hearty dish and it had a very nice rich and well-develop flavor. I also loved the grits. They give you a very healthy portion, and I couldn’t finish it because I wanted to save room for dessert. That and I was drinking the rest of my calories, hehe!

Bloody Mary cocktail - The Trellis Restaurant
Traditional Bloody Mary: house-made bloody mary mix. $7

Governor's Palace
Governor’s Palace.

Hugh Copeland’s Time Square cheeseburger – Gershwin’s

Hugh Copeland's Time Square cheeseburger - Gershwin's
On a brioche bun, side of asparagus. $10
Gershwin’s, Norfolk VA

A friend and I had done a dinner cruise on the Elizabeth River, but wanted to extend our night so we ducked into Gershwin’s for some live entertainment. We sat at the bar and enjoyed talking with our friendly (and talkative) bartender. Even though we already had a full dinner on the cruise, we decided to split a burger anyway. And I must say that the burger (half) was pretty tasty!

The Washington cocktail - Gershwin's
The Washington: a Manhattan made with cherry infused bourbon. $10

Spirit of Norfolk
Spirit of Norfolk.

Seafood nachos – Hell’s Kitchen

Seafood nachos - Hell's Kitchen
Tortilla chips topped with she-crab soup, backfin crab, shrimp, melted mozzarella cheese, lettuce, diced tomato, Old Bay and scallions. Served with sour cream and Hell sauce. $10
Hell’s Kitchen, Norfolk VA

This was certainly interesting. I wanna say that I liked it, but here was also something about it that wasn’t fresh tasting. It definitely wasn’t healthy but I didn’t expect it to be either. The bad eater in me says “Yes” while the common sense side says this was “disgusting”!

Bulleit bourbon Manhattan cocktail - Hell's Kitchen
Bulleit bourbon Manhattan. $7.75

Battleship Wisconsin
Battleship Wisconsin.

Dynamite & Spider rolls – The Hamilton

Dynamite & Spider rolls - The Hamilton
Dynamite: tempura calamari, spicy scallop, spicy lump crab, habanero tobiko, soy bean paper. Happy hour $7
Spider: tempura soft shell crab, spicy napa cabbage, asparagus, habanero tobiko. Happy hour $6
The Hamilton, Washington DC

Thank goodness The Hamilton was able to restore my confidence in DC’s ability to serve sushi worth eating after my horrible experience at Asia Nine! These rolls were fun and delicious, and you can’t beat their happy hour prices!

Dancing Manhattan cocktail - The Hamilton
Dancing Manhattan: Dancing Pines bourbon, Dolin Vermouth Rouge, splash of Angostura bitters, bourbon soaked cherry. $13

The Concert For Valor
The Concert For Valor. We couldn’t get very close to the stage, but there were screens everywhere and everyone had a great time!

PEI mussels – Logan Tavern

PEI mussels - Logan Tavern
White wine and garlic broth. $11.50
Logan Tavern, Washington DC

These mussels were a mess! They were gritty and the actual mussel flesh were SO tiny. The herbs and other ingredients were also too large to navigate through to easily eat anything. And the broth was bland and boring.

Watermelon Basil Slush cocktail - Logan Tavern
Watermelon Basil Slush: shaved ice, vodka, watermelon, basil, sparkling wine. $8
Sweet but not very refreshing. Definitely not worth the calories.

Bread and butter - Logan Tavern
Bread and butter. Complimentary
Best part of this meal! That’s sad…

White House from the South Lawn
White House from the South Lawn.