Bbq belly and grits – Magnolia Pub and Brewery

Bbq belly and grits - Magnolia Pub and Brewery
Anson Mills cheddar grits, poached eggs, fried shallots. $14
Magnolia Pub and Brewery, San Francisco CA

Gross! This was probably the most bland dish I’ve ever eaten that had pork belly and/or grits in it; and I’ve eaten a lot of dishes! I ate half of it because I was starving, then couldn’t eat any more of the crap. The service was also atrocious! The seater tried to make a joke but ended up just being offensive. I didn’t get water until halfway through the meal, and the server was completely clueless about everything whenever she decided to make a rare appearance. I don’t think I have any reason to return to this restaurant.

Blue Bell Bitter beer - Magnolia Pub and Brewery
Blue Bell Bitter beer. $7
7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010

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Cheeseburger – Firewood Cafe

Cheeseburger - Firewood Cafe
Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, served with French fries. $10.50
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco International Airport(SFO)

As airport food goes, Firewood Cafe is solid. It’s a good value and the food is actually pretty good. This burger was moist and plenty big. I just wish they would toast the buns. The fries were delicious though!

Blue Moon and Sierra Nevada beers - Firewood Cafe
Blue Moon and Sierra Nevada beers.

Craft cider and beer – The Noble Fir

Habanero Cider - The Noble Fir
Habanero Cider, Finnriver Cidery, Chimacum, WA. $8
The Noble Fir, Seattle WA

Mmm, both these glass were really tasty! The habanero cider had just the right amount of habanero flavor without getting too hot and making it unpleasant to drink. And the Imperial Red with chocolate was bold and delicious.

Red Sea Imperial Red with Chocolate - The Noble Fir
Red Sea Imperial Red with Chocolate, Caldera/Big Island Collab, Portland, OR. $9

After dinner drinks – Pat’s Creek Bar

Margarita - Pat's Creek Bar
Margarita. Happy hour 90 PHP

Happy hours can last for quite a while in Boracay. This one at Pat’s was form 4-8, but it’s often difficult to know whether you’re actually getting a deal since the prices are inflated from the beginning and they always seem to pour weakly during happy hour anyway. When in doubt, just stick with beer. :)

San Miguel light beer - Pat's Creek Bar
San Miguel light beer. Happy hour, 2 for 100 PHP

Long island iced tea - Pat's Creek Bar
Long island iced tea. Happy hour 90 PHP

Entertainment at Pat's Creek Bar
Entertainment at Pat’s Creek Bar. The bands that played at Pat’s were actually really good. I think the musicians on the island just kinda rotate between all the restaurants and bars though.

U.S. Angus beef burger – Christina’s

U.S. Angus beef burger - Christina's
Grilled spiced minced beef tenderloin, cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, mayo and mustard. Served with French fries. 380 PHP
Christina’s, Boracay PHILIPPINES

Mmm, I love getting served poolside. You don’t have to get up or expend and energy, AHHHH! The East Wing pool had menus from Chistina’s that you could order from so we got an afternoon snack to tide us over before dinner. This is why I have to work out every day, lol! (When I’m not on vacation.)

San Miguel light beer - Christina's
San Miguel light. 90 PHP

Kiddie pool, Boracay Regency
Kiddie pool, Boracay Regency.