Hickory burger – Radish

Hickory burger - Radish
Niman Ranch beef, white cheddar, caramelized onions, bacon, garlic aioli, grain mustard and house-made bbq sauce. Served with salad and side of pickled veggies. $13
Radish, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this burger looked great and tasted equally great. The beef was thick and juicy and the bacon and caramelized onions gave it a nice and smoky flavor. The side salad was also very refreshing and perfectly dressed.

Calicraft Cali Coast Kolsch ale - Radish
Calicraft Cali Coast Kolsch ale. $5

Carrot fusilli – The Partisan

Carrot fusilli - The Partisan
Tri-color pasta, kimchi sausage, thai chili, cucumber, cilantro. $9
The Partisan, Washington DC

This pasta was great! I loved the interesting and delicious combination of flavors and textures. The kimchi sausage was surprisingly delightful in this dish and the pasta was cooked perfectly. Mmm…

Opal saison blond beer - The Partisan
Opal, Firestone Walker, saison-blond, California. $7

Scallops – The Partisan

Scallops - The Partisan
Cucumber water, watermelon, tapioca, pink peppercorn, borage blossoms. $16
The Partisan, Washington DC

These scallops were really interesting. I don’t think they were my favorite ever, but the combination of flavor was so new to me and I was honestly confused on what to think. I think that’s a good thing because at least I was really thinking about the food, but I ultimately couldn’t get into this dish.

Abraxxxas Peared beer - The Partisan
Abraxxxas Peared, Freigeist, lichtenhainer with pear, Germany. $8