Raw bar medley – Sam’s Chowder House

Raw bar medley - Sam's Chowder House
Shrimp, clams and oysters. $14.95
Sam’s Chowder House, Half Moon Bay CA

I’ve discovered not I’m not a fan of raw clams. These were good, but they’re just not for me. The oysters were great too and the shrimp were tasty. This was a nice lil snack!

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale & Hoegarden - Sam's Chowder House
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. $5.50
Hoegarden. $5.50

Fish and chips – Fishetarian

Fish and chips - Fishetarian
Fresh rock cod dipped in traditional beer batter and rolled in Panko crust, fried in canola oil. Served with house tarter sauce. Three piece $14
Fishetarian, Bodega Bay CA

These fried fish were tasty and very large (a great value), but they were actually pretty greasy (boo)! The fries weren’t greasy though, thank goodness.

Lagunitas beer - Fishetarian
Lagunitas beer. $5

Fisherman statue, Bodega Harbor
Fisherman statue, Bodega Harbor.

Chicken sandwich – Souvla

Chicken sandwich - Souvla
Mary’s free range chicken, “Granch” dressing, fennel, navel orange, pickled red onion, pea shoots, mizithra cheese. $12
Souvla, San Francisco CA

I have to admit that this tasted great. I loved the moist spit-fired chicken and all the ingredients. I don’t know if I would continually fork up twelve bucks for one of these, but it makes for a yummy Greek sandwich every once in a while.

Zeos Blue Mak Lager - Souvla
Zeos Blue Mak Lager. $6

Hamburguesa – Don Pistos

Hamburguesa - Don Pistos
Marinated in bacon and onions, guacamole. $11
Don Pistos, San Francisco CA

This burger was VERY simple and plain looking, but it tasted great. The patty was super juicy and flavorful. I do wish that the bun would have been toasted with a little butter for a bit more moisture and perhaps a bit smaller. There was a lot bread to the size of the patty. A squeeze of lime on the burger actually tasted great though.

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Chips and salsa verde - Don Pistos
Chips and salsa verde. Complimentary

Pacifico beer - Don Pistos
Pacifico beer. $5

Oysters on the half shell – Swan Oyster Depot

Oysters on the half shell - Swan Oyster Depot
Blue point, miyagi, and kumamoto. Half dozen $15
Swan Oyster Depot, San Francisco CA

This place is great! Perhaps a bit expensive, but the seafood is fresh, delicious, and worth it. I also like the super casual atmosphere and the friendly workers. It’s definitely a testosterone-filled environment. These oysters were small, briny, nicely cleaned, and very tasty!

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Anchor Steam draft beer - Swan Oyster Depot
Anchor Steam draft.