Chilled marinated dungeness crab – Capurro’s Restaurant

Chilled marinated dungeness crab - Capurro's Restaurant
Garlic and herb vinaigrette. Whole $36.95
Capurro’s Restaurant, San Francisco CA

This wasn’t my favorite. The crab didn’t taste very fresh and the marinade was on the bitter side. The benefit did not justify the effort and the mess from eating this.

Lagunitas India Pale Ale - Capurro's Restaurant
Lagunitas India Pale Ale. $6

Calamari sope – Lolo

Calamari sope - Lolo
Blue corn masa, avocado puree and habanero crema. $11
Lolo, San Francisco CA

These were very cool and different. I thought that the squid ink in the sope was too overpowering though. I like squid ink, but they must have added A LOT of it into the masa. Otherwise, I thought it was a fun dish.

Sangria and beer - Lolo
Lagunitas IPA. $6
Sangria: pinot noir, vodka, poppy liqueur, cardamom, served on the rocks. $11

Vada pav vegetarian slider – Dosa

Vada pav vegetarian slider - Dosa
Spiced-potato patty, chutneys, caramelized onions and “gunpowder” – ground chiles and lentils, with side salad. Happy hour $7
Dosa, San Francisco CA

I really liked this slider. The potato patty was delicious, but I was perplexed by the “gunpowder”. I really didn’t know how to eat it. I tried dipping the slider into it, but it was just dry and odd.

7×7 Magazine’s Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die

Kingfisher lager beer - Dosa
Kingfisher lager. Happy hour $4

Amuse bouche plate – The Progress

Amuse bouche plate - The Progress
Family-style dinner, $65 per person
The Progress, San Francisco CA

I can’t remember what all the little bites were, but I do remember that I liked every single one! This restaurant was clean and crisp and the service was friendly and efficient. I thought the food was really delicious and inventive.

Draught beers - The Progress
Calicraft “The City” IPA. $6
Weisses Brauhaus G. Schneider & Sohn GmbH Weisen Edel-Weisse. $8

Tender beef tongue – Pink Zebra

Tender beef tongue - Pink Zebra
Charred fava leaf puree, tsukudani-onion crema, calabrian chile and faba bean bread salsa. $12
Pink Zebra, San Francisco CA

Ok, I’m a fan of interesting and new flavor combinations and ingredients, but this did not work for me. Both the fava leaf puree and onion crema tasted off and completely over-powered everything else on the plate. The beef tongue was also too salty. This was not a successful plate.

Asahi Black beer - Pink Zebra
Asahi Black beer. $5

Oysters on the half shell – Anchor Oyster Bar

Oysters on the half shell - Anchor Oyster Bar
Marin miyagi (large) and British Columbia kusshi (small) served with cocktail sauce and mignonette. Each $2.75
Anchor Oyster Bar, San Francisco CA

Anchor Oyster is such a great neighborhood seafood restaurant! The place is super small and they don’t take reservations so you just place your name of the list and wait for the next table. These oyster were expertly shucked, fresh and delicious!

Hoegaarden draft beer - Anchor Oyster Bar
Hoegaarden draft beer. $5