Apollonia pizza – Una Pizza Napoletana

Apollonia pizza - Una Pizza Napoletana
Eggs, salame, parmiggiano reggiano, buffalo mozzarella, extra-virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh basil, black pepper, sea salt. $25
Una Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco CA

Um, I thought I’d like this pizza more because of all the hype. I mean, it was good but I guess it just wasn’t my style. The crust was too chewy and almost felt undercooked. I like the combination of toppings in the Apollonia though.

Menabrea Blonde Lager - Una Pizza Napoletana
Menabrea Blonde Lager. $8

Roasted potato pizza – Sliver Pizzeria

Roasted potato pizza - Sliver Pizzeria
Roasted onion, mozzarella, Canadian cheddar cheese, oregano, parsley, thyme, olive oil. Slice $3
Sliver Pizzeria, Berkeley CA

Mmm, the pizza here was really good! The crust was thin and had a great texture and all the ingredients tasted great, and definitely worth the three dollar price tag!

Field Works Canopy pale ale - Sliver Pizzeria
Field Works Canopy pale ale. $5

Pollo relleno – Iron Cactus

Pollo relleno - Iron Cactus
Chicken breast stuffed with Iron Cactus corn bread and cheddar cheese, topped with jalapeño cream sauce. Served with Mexican rice and garlic herb broccoli. $9.99
Iron Cactus, San Antonio TX

Ugh, this was gross. It was super rich but somehow really bland at the same time. I didn’t like anything about this plate.

Stash IPA beer - Iron Cactus
Stash IPA. $6