Restaurant To-Do List

SO many restaurants, so little time! Here’s a list of places I’ve read about, heard great reviews for, or saw on television. If you have any great recommendations, please email me! You’d be surprised where I’d go for a great meal, hehe!

Boston MA
Chau Chow City – lobster dumplings

Healdsburg CA
Bistro Ralph
Cousteaux French Bakery
Downtown Bakery & Creamery

Lomita CA
Patisserie Chantilly – yummy French/Asian bakery

San Francisco CA
A16 – last Sunday of the month dinner
American Grilled Cheese Kitchen - the red white and blue plate special
Bacon Bacon Truck – anything pork belly
Boxing Room
Central Kitchen
Cotogna - $55 five-course tasting menu for Sunday supper
Craftsman & Wolves - the rebel within muffin
Incanto - leg of beast dinner
MachineDeli at Laszlo – the roaster sandwich
Market & Rye - wagyu burger and french toast beignets
Namu Gaji - gamja fries with kimchee
Nova Bar - baked mac ‘n cheese
Okina Sushi – omakase at the counter
Prospect – three-course Sunday dinner
RN74 – $39 three-course Sunday dinner
St. Vincent - wine and appetizers
Tekka Japanese Restaurant – experience the sushi Nazi

St. Helena CA
Meadowood – pre fixe dinner

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