Wine tasting – Sunset Hills Vineyard

Wine tasting - Sunset Hills Vineyard
This winery grounds were ok, and the wines themselves were ok. Actually the wines weren’t up to the same standards as those in Sonoma and Napa. I actually skipped a few of the wines in the tasting because I got bored.
Sunset Hills Vineyard, Purcellville VA

Bluemont Vineyard, Bluemont VA
Bluemont Vineyard, Bluemont VA.

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Lasagna fresca with shrimp – Olive Garden

Lasagna fresca with shrimp - Olive Garden
Vegetable lasagna, sautéed shrimp, grilled tomatoes with sun-dried tomato sauce. Served with soup. $14.79
Olive Garden, Martinsburg WV

Omg! I thought with the words “fresca” and “shrimp” that this dish would be on the lighter side. That didn’t happen! This plate was definitely a gut bomb. There was SO much cheese in the lasagna and the sun-dried tomato sauce (which I’m assuming was inside the lasagna) was overpowered by the additional cheesy cream sauce dumped on top. The spots of pesto were cute for color but just added another layer of richness to this heavy dish. Not really what I wanted when I ordered this from their seasonal fresca menu.

Morven Park grounds
Morven Park grounds, Leesburg VA.

White asparagus – Volt

White asparagus - Volt
House bay seasoning, poached brown butter custard. Tasting menu $95
Volt, Frederick MD

This was a freebie dish from the kitchen (ooh, I love freebies!). The asparagus had a different texture that I hadn’t tried before. I’ve had white asparagus before, but not prepared in this way. I liked the bay seasoning and the custard! The flowers were a pretty touch too.

Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park, VA.