Thai hot pot – Noodles & Company

Thai hot pot - Noodles & Company
Signature curry broth, cabbage, sprouts, Fresno peppers, shiitake mushrooms, rice noodles, pulled chicken and pork, lime and cilantro. Served with toasted Asian flatbread. $8.69
Noodles & Company, San Francisco CA

This was a pretty lame attempt at a Thai hot pot. It barely tasted Thai at all. The chicken and pork were dry and the broth was almost bland. That Asian flatbread was also weird, almost burnt, and tasted like crap. Overall, not a very good lunch choice.

Crocus and narcissus flowers, Market Street
Crocus and narcissus flowers, Market Street.

Combination pork sandwich – Que Huong Vietnamese Deli

Combination pork sandwich - Que Huong Vietnamese Deli
Banh mi. $4
Que Huong Vietnamese Deli, San Francisco CA

According to online sources, what used to be Irving Deli is now Que Huong so I’m gonna count this as a check off the 7×7 list. I love banh mi sandwiches in San Francisco because they tend to be super delicious and so cheap. This sandwich was no exception. The bread was crisp and fresh and the pork was delicious. I will say that it was more fatty than other pork combo banh mi’s I’ve tried, but I didn’t mind.

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Mural art, Alamo Square
Mural art, Alamo Square.

Mix dosa – Dosa Dosa

Mix dosa - Dosa Dosa
Rice and lentil crepe with a combination of paneer and masala, topped with a slaw of cabbage, cilantro and tomatoes. $10
Dosa Dosa, San Francisco CA

Although this dosa wrap didn’t have any meat in it, I still really enjoyed it. The crepe was delicious and the filling was very tasty. I don’t know if I’ll grab one for lunch very often because it didn’t really fill me up, but it’s a nice option every once in a while.

City Hall at night
City Hall at night.