Halibut and fava bean – Le Pigeon

Halibut and fava bean - Le Pigeon
Fava bean puree, ancho chile puree, summer squash and porcini salad, porcini mushroom puree.
Le Pigeon, Portland OR

I generally don’t get excited over fish dishes, but this was delicious and refreshing. The halibut was cooked perfectly – still tender and flavorful. The other ingredient and sauces were amazing with the fillet. Omg, I loved the ancho chile puree especially. Noms!

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Fresh cod and chips – Horner’s Corner

Fresh cod and chips - Horner's Corner
Locally caught rock cod in house beer batter, thick cut Kennebac fries and red cabbage slaw, aioli. $15
Horner’s Corner, San Francisco CA

Ugh, these fried fish were REALLY greasy, yuck! And they seemed over fried too. I think the oil temperature must have been off. The fries were ok, but I was expected them to be thicker cut as indicated by the menu description. They seem “normal” cut to me. Am I wrong? This was definitely not worth the price.

Bulleit bourbon Manhattan - Horner's Corner
Bulleit bourbon Manhattan on the rocks. $10
I love single large ice cubes!

AT&T ballpark food – Genentech Concert

AT&T ballpark food - Genentech Concert
Pretzels, hot dog, beer. Complimentary
Genentech Concert, San Francisco CA

I was finally invited to attend the Genentech concert this year, yay! It’s great because they buy out AT&T park and all the food and drinks are free. We sat out on the field and watched Colbie Callait, Foo Fighters, and Usher! I got kinda drunk, but had a great time. I also won stuffed animals playing carnival games. :)

Big Malt chocolate ice cream - Genentech Concert
Big Malt chocolate ice cream. Complimentary

Hot dog - Genentech Concert
Hot dog with ketchup. Complimentary