Carnitas and lengua tacos – Uno Dos Tacos

Carnitas and lengua tacos - Uno Dos Tacos
Slow roasted pork with roasted salsa. Braised beef tongue with tomatillo salsa. Served with side of black beans with queso fresco. Each $3.25
Uno Dos Tacos, San Francisco CA

These tacos were great (especially the lengua) and nicely priced. The meats were so flavorful and the corn tortillas were perfect. I also love the black beans that they come with. Noms!

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Bbq bacon burger – Bongo Johnny’s

Bbq bacon burger - Bongo Johnny's
Johnny’s bbq sauce, onion rings, smoked cheddar, and bacon served with crinkle-cut fries and a pickle. $11.95
Bongo Johnny’s, Palm Springs CA

The bacon was the best part of this burger because it was cooked perfectly. The patty was tender enough but a bit on the bland side. It could have been seasoned a bit better so thank goodness for the bbq sauce. Overall, it was ok.

Hawker bowl – Bun Mee

Hawker bowl - Bun Mee
Fried egg, shredded papaya, lotus root relish, pickled carrots and daikon, topped with Vietnamese herbs, spicy mayo, and fried shallots over brown rice and grilled pork. $11.75
Bun Mee, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this was a great, creative Vietnamese salad. The combination of ingredients was great and it was pretty hearty for a salad. I’m a sucker for eggs on top of everything so they had me there. I especially liked the lotus root relish because it was very different.

Hawker bowl - Bun Mee

Chicken mole – Casa Mexicana II

Chicken mole - Casa Mexicana II
Platter with rice, black beans and salad. $8.75
Casa Mexicana II, San Francisco CA

This was decent. I thought the mole sauce was good, but it could have been a bit more complex and rich in flavor. Definitely a good amount of food for the price though. The service here is hit or miss though. They completely frustrated me at times…