Shanghai kurobuta pork dumpling – Yank Sing

Shanghai kurobuta pork dumpling - Yank Sing
Xiao long bao. $12.95
Yank Sing, San Francisco CA

Mmm, these were really good! The wrapper was thin and delicate and the soup and pork filling were delicious. There were probably some of the better XLB I’ve had in a while!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2013

Vinegar sauce with ginger - Yank Sing
Vinegar sauce with ginger.

Halibut and fava bean – Le Pigeon

Halibut and fava bean - Le Pigeon
Fava bean puree, ancho chile puree, summer squash and porcini salad, porcini mushroom puree.
Le Pigeon, Portland OR

I generally don’t get excited over fish dishes, but this was delicious and refreshing. The halibut was cooked perfectly – still tender and flavorful. The other ingredient and sauces were amazing with the fillet. Omg, I loved the ancho chile puree especially. Noms!

Fresh cod and chips – Horner’s Corner

Fresh cod and chips - Horner's Corner
Locally caught rock cod in house beer batter, thick cut Kennebac fries and red cabbage slaw, aioli. $15
Horner’s Corner, San Francisco CA

Ugh, these fried fish were REALLY greasy, yuck! And they seemed over fried too. I think the oil temperature must have been off. The fries were ok, but I was expected them to be thicker cut as indicated by the menu description. They seem “normal” cut to me. Am I wrong? This was definitely not worth the price.

Bulleit bourbon Manhattan - Horner's Corner
Bulleit bourbon Manhattan on the rocks. $10
I love single large ice cubes!

Wild Pacific salmon and kale salad – Boudin Bakery and Cafe

Wild Pacific salmon and kale salad - Boudin Bakery and Cafe
Soba noodles, tuscan kale, mixed greens, sliced cucumber, diced red bell pepper, fresh oranges, cilantro, sweet asian chili glaze, sesame seeds, sesame ginger vinaigrette dressing. $10.29
Boudin Bakery and Cafe, San Francisco CA

Ugh, I did NOT like this salad. There was more soba noodles than kale, and the salmon was gross! It was definitely delivered frozen and it had a disgusting squishy texture with a slimy glaze. Yuck!