Spicy chicken wings – Orphan Andy’s

Spicy chicken wings - Orphan Andy's
10 pieces with blue cheese dressing. $10.35
Orphan Andy’s, San Francisco CA

Uh oh, it was one of those other nights, lol! For some reason I didn’t get my usual chicken fried steak though. I opted for the chicken wings. These were kinda dry and over fried but anything will do when it’s that late.

Diet Coke - Orphan Andy's
Diet Coke. $2.45

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Nettle and ricotta gnocchi – A16

Nettle and ricotta gnocchi - A16
Pioppi mushrooms, bianchetti truffles, mushroom brodo, herbs, caciocavallo. $14
A16, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this pasta was delicious and it had a great earthy quality. The ricotta gnocchi were perfect pillows of goodness, and it was cool that it was served with mushroom broth. I haven’t had gnocchi this way before and it was refreshing.

Capri cocktail - A16
Capri: Cocchi americano, lemonade, rosemary, sparkling wine. $12

Chilled spring onion soup – Rich Table

Chilled spring onion soup - Rich Table
Bay shrimp (chips), green strawberries. $7
Rich Table, San Francisco CA

This was a very interesting soup. It had a thick, smooth consistency which was very pleasant. The crispy shrimp chips were great with the velvety soup and the sliced green strawberries were surprising and delicious. The soup felt rich and refreshing at the same time – pretty cool.

Jamon iberico de bellota – Coqueta

Jamon iberico de bellota - Coqueta
Imported. $29
Coqueta, San Francisco CA

Omg, this is the best quality of cured Spanish ham around! I loved the super thin slices and they had such a wonderful flavor. I didn’t like the tiny, dry breadsticks though, and the twenty nine dollar price tag was pushing it for me especially for the modest serving size. But that didn’t fully detract from the amazing quality.

Sea urchin in egg – Izakaya Roku

Sea urchin in egg - Izakaya Roku
Uni tamago toji. With scallions and nori. $13
Izakaya Roku, San Francisco CA

This was a new and interesting dish for me. I’d never had uni this way before. It was pretty good, but I kinda wish that the uni was less cooked. I’m still trying to get used to eating sea urchin, but I would rather have a really great raw uni than low quality cooked uni. This uni wasn’t of the best quality, but it was ok and it definitely gross horrible uni. Here’s to trying new food!