Corn arancini – Graffiato

Corn arancini - Graffiato
Happy hour $3
Graffiato, Washington DC

These tasted great, but they were definitely over-fried, boo! The exterior color was not appealing and had an unpleasant flavor. The interior was delicious though and I loved the bed of crumbled cheese.

Brown Derby cocktail - Graffiato
Brown Derby: bourbon, grapefruit, honey. Happy hour $6

Arts and Industries Building
Arts and Industries Building.

Chick Chick sandwich – Woodward Takeout Food

Chick Chick sandwich - Woodward Takeout Food
Fried chicken breast, bread and butter pickle, bacon, lettuce, cranberry relish, mayonnaise, toasted bun. $9.95
Woodward Takeout Food, Washington DC

This was a damn delicious sandwich! Maybe fried chicken and bacon aren’t the most healthy lunch options but they tasted so good together, and the fried chicken breast was tender and juicy. I also love the soft brioche bun that they used. Noms!

Little Dancer, Degas
Little Dancer, Degas, National Gallery of Art.

Death by Chocolate torte – The Trellis Restaurant

Death by Chocolate torte - The Trellis Restaurant
Seven layer chocolate torte with a hand-rolled white chocolate truffle, chocolate ice cream and dark chocolate sauce. $10.95
The Trellis Restaurant, Williamsburg VA

Wow, talk about a decadent dessert! I liked everything about this torte except for the white chocolate truffle. I’m just not a big fan of white chocolate. Suffice it to say that we couldn’t finish this humongous slice. Noms!

Colonial Williamsburg Courthouse
Colonial Williamsburg Courthouse.

Patatas bravas – Jaleo

Patatas bravas - Jaleo
Fried potato with spicy tomato sauce and aioli. $7.50
Jaleo, Crystal City VA

Mmm, this was SO good! I’m not even a fan of THAT much aioli, but the dark flavorful tomato sauce help to drown out the excessive amount of aioli. Patatas bravas are one of my favorites tapas and Jaleo did right by it. I’m in heaven!

Sunset over Arlington
Sunset over Arlington.

Blackened chicken nachos – California Tortilla

Blackened chicken nachos - California Tortilla
Tortilla chips, cheese, blackened chicken, avocado, sour cream and salsa. $7.04
California Tortilla, Washington DC

Meh, this was plain and boring, and the fake nacho cheese was not a good idea. Not a good choice for lunch on an already boring day. At least they have a selection of hot sauces you can choose from to spice things up.

Graft, National Gallery or Art Sculpture Garden
Graft, National Gallery or Art Sculpture Garden.

Creme brulee doughnut – Woodward Takeout Food

Creme brulee doughnut - Woodward Takeout Food
Woodward Takeout Food, Washington DC

Creme brulee doughnut - Woodward Takeout Food
Mmm, this donut was delicious! I loved the texture of the dough and the custard filling was also yummy. I will say that I though there was too much brûléed sugar on top, but that’s just me. I just there’d be just as much if it was a real creme brûlée.

Doctor Samuel Hahnemann Memorial
Doctor Samuel Hahnemann Memorial.

John’s Island Carolina stew – The Trellis Restaurant

John's Island Carolina stew - The Trellis Restaurant
Roasted turkey, shrimp, mussels, clams, cannellini beans, tomatoes, corn and lima beans. Served with grits and cornbread. $12.95
The Trellis Restaurant, Williamsburg VA

This was a super-hearty dish and it had a very nice rich and well-develop flavor. I also loved the grits. They give you a very healthy portion, and I couldn’t finish it because I wanted to save room for dessert. That and I was drinking the rest of my calories, hehe!

Bloody Mary cocktail - The Trellis Restaurant
Traditional Bloody Mary: house-made bloody mary mix. $7

Governor's Palace
Governor’s Palace.