Manly burger – Umami Burger

Manly burger - Umami Burger
House beer-cheddar, bacon lardons, smoked-salt onion strings, Umami house ketchup, mustard spread. $12
Umami Burger, Las Vegas NV

Manly burger - Umami Burger
I was a bit disappoint by this burger after all the hype about this burger brand. Mostly, I didn’t like the bun. But the burger was surprisingly tame tasting despite the fact that it’s called the “Manly”. I’ve had much manlier burgers elsewhere with more flavor.

Good Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale - Umami Burger
Good Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale. 14 ounce $9

Northern larb – Lotus of Siam

Northern larb - Lotus of Siam
Northern style larb (ground pork) cooked with northern Thai spices without the lime juice, garnished with fresh herbs and vegetables. $11.95
Lotus of Siam, Las Vegas NV

The larb was very different from the usual Isan style, citrus-y larb. I liked the difference though. I will say that I probably like Isan style larb better since it’s a bit more refreshing to me, but this was good to try. I liked the vegetables that came with it!