Appetizer plate – Memphis Minnie’s

Appetizer plate - Memphis Minnie's
Chicken wings, grilled shrimp, meatballs.
Memphis Minnie’s, San Francisco CA

I love Memphis Minnie’s but I was not impressed with these assorted appetizers. Everything was pretty dry. Thank goodness the shrimp had some sauce drizzled on top otherwise it would have been too dry to eat and enjoy. The meatballs were also dense and dry, and not very tasty. And even the chicken wings were a disappointment. This made me sad. :(

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Filipino adobo pork bowl – Go Bistro

Filipino adobo pork bowl - Go Bistro
Grilled pork marinated in savory Filipino adobo sauce, served over rice with cucumbers and onions.  $11.99
Go Bistro, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Meh, this tasted only faintly like pork adobo. That’s probably a good thing because the pork was more lean and less salty than regular adobo. The dish was more reminiscent of a Filipino adobo and an actual example of one. I probably wouldn’t order it again.

Lucky Dog ranch beef shortribs – A16

Lucky Dog ranch beef shortribs - A16
Red wine, red onion, ancho cress, green peppercorns. $26
A16, San Francisco CA

Eh, I wasn’t very impressed with this dish. I felt like it could have been more rich and flavorful, and the sauce could have been a little thicker. There also wasn’t any starch or something carb-y to balance the dish. Thank goodness we ordered a side of polenta.

Masciarelli wine - A16
Masciarelli, ‘Marina Cvetic’, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, San Martino Sulla Marrucina, Chieti, Abruzzo 2009. $16