Pork sisig nachos – Senor Sisig

Pork sisig nachos - Senor Sisig
Corn tortilla chips topped with nacho cheese, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, and pickled jalapenos. $9
Senor Sisig, SF Street Food Festival 2013, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this was very good. Pork sisig is delicious on its own, but apparently it also great in nachos, lol! This is total comfort food.

Beef and cheese piroshki – Anda Piroshki

Beef and cheese piroshki - Anda Piroshki
Anda Piroshki, San Francisco CA

Beef and cheese piroshki - Anda Piroshki
I loved this piroshki. It was jam packed with beef and cheese filling and its crust is so deliciously buttery and flaky. It’s rich and hefty enough to constitute a meal in my view. Noms!

7×7 Magazine’s Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die

Kompot berry drink - Anda Piroshki
Kompot: Russian berry drink. $3

WhipOut slider & Fried chicken pups – WhipOut! Food Truck

WhipOut slider & Fried chicken pups - WhipOut! Food Truck
Beef burger with 4 oz ground chuck, truck-smoked cheddar, dill pickle, signature sauce, pickled red onion, romaine. $6.50
Bite-sized truck-smoked thigh pieces, buttermilk battered, bbq dipping sauce. $5.50
WhipOut! Food Truck, San Francisco CA

I liked the flavors of the slider but it was sitting in a pool of grease that completely soaked into the bottom bun, boo! I’m not sure if the grease was from the chicken pups or from the beef patty and cheese but it was gross! The top bun was also too thick for the small size of the slider. The fried chicken pups weren’t very good either. They were REALLY greasy and over-fried. They were really hard to chew and super salty! Overall, this was a failed lunch.

WhipOut! Food Truck
WhipOut! Food Truck.

Mix dosa – Dosa Dosa

Mix dosa - Dosa Dosa
Rice and lentil crepe with a combination of paneer and masala, topped with a slaw of cabbage, cilantro and tomatoes. $10
Dosa Dosa, San Francisco CA

Although this dosa wrap didn’t have any meat in it, I still really enjoyed it. The crepe was delicious and the filling was very tasty. I don’t know if I’ll grab one for lunch very often because it didn’t really fill me up, but it’s a nice option every once in a while.

City Hall at night
City Hall at night.

Morcilla sandwich – Pepe

Morcilla sandwich - Pepe
House made morcilla, cebolla escabeche, spinach, fig, herbed cream cheese, fried Coulter Farm organic egg. $14
Pepe, Washington DC

This sandwich was delicious! But then I would expect it to for fourteen bucks (even from a food truck). It certainly was a fancy food truck sandwich though. The fried blood sausage was delicious and I loved its texture. And of course the runny fried egg just put it over the top.

National Harbor
National Harbor, Maryland.

Tacos – El Sabor del Taco

Tacos - El Sabor del Taco
Chicken mole, carnitas, and fish. 3 for $10
El Sabor del Taco, Washington DC

These tacos were decent. I liked the corn tortillas, but they were thick enough to not have to double wrap the tacos. Ugh, too many carbs! The fillings were ok but they were kinda bland. I definitely had to use the lime and pour plenty of salsa on each.

Spinosaurus, National Geographic Museum
Spinosaurus, National Geographic Museum.

Peach pie ice cream – Nitro’s Creamery

Peach pie ice cream - Nitro's Creamery
On Fridays, there’s a small farmers market outside the Ronald Reagan Building. It was a warm day so I decided to grab one of these ice creams. Since I’m a lover of everything peach, I opted for the peach pie flavor. It was fun to watch her make the ice cream and it tasted great. It had peach bits, peach puree, and pie crumbles. Mmm!
Nitro’s Creamery, Washington DC

Nitro's Creamery
My ice cream getting made with liquid nitrogen.

Patriotic elephant and donkey statues
Patriotic elephant and donkey statues.