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Wine tasting – Bluemont Vineyard

Wine tasting - Bluemont Vineyard
Tasting fee $7
Bluemont Vineyard, Bluemont VA

I don’t want to come off as a California wine snob, but I was not impressed by the wines in the northern Virginia region. Some of them were drinkable, but overall it lacked the complexity and depth that I’ve had from California wines.

Bluemont Vineyard, Bluemont VA
Bluemont Vineyard.

Mini gerookte zalmwafeltjes – B Too

Mini gerookte zalmwafeltjes - B Too
Mini smoked salmon waffles, wasabi yogurt dip. Happy hour $11
B Too, Washington DC

When I came here, I didn’t know that the chef was Bart from Top Chef until he came out of the kitchen to say Hello to some friends of his sitting near me. I was tempted to ask for a selfie, but I maintained my cool and refrained, lol!

These waffles were delicious! I loved their airy texture and the smoked salmon interior was yummy. It paired well with the wasabi yogurt sauce. Noms!

Cava - B Too
Cava. Happy hour $5

Annapolis City Dock
Annapolis City Dock.

Palak chaat – Rasika

Palak chaat - Rasika
Crispy baby spinach, sweet yogurt, tamarind, date chutney. $10
Rasika, Washington DC

This dish was fun to start! I’ve never had an entire plate of fried baby spinach before. It reminded me of the fried basil used for garnish on other dishes, but as a entire appetizer. I liked the flavors and textures of this dish, but after a while you realize that you’re eating an entire plate of fried spinach and the grease starts to accumulate. Not so fun at that point…

Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Goat cheese crostini – Komi

Goat cheese crostini - Komi
Grilled sourdough, mole spices sauce. Tasting dinner $135
Komi, Washington DC

Ugh, I really wasn’t impressed with our dinner at Komi. The food was good, but nothing inspired. The restaurant seemed tired and the food wasn’t fun or amazing. I actually can’t remember many of the dishes we had which is kinda sad. The dinner was pretty unmemorable.

Shenandoah Caverns
Shenandoah Caverns, Quicksburg VA.