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White asparagus – Volt

White asparagus - Volt
House bay seasoning, poached brown butter custard. Tasting menu $95
Volt, Frederick MD

This was a freebie dish from the kitchen (ooh, I love freebies!). The asparagus had a different texture that I hadn’t tried before. I’ve had white asparagus before, but not prepared in this way. I liked the bay seasoning and the custard! The flowers were a pretty touch too.

Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park, VA.

Pizza and wings lunch buffet – Pizza City II

Pepperoni pizza and buffalo wings - Pizza City II
Pepperoni pizza and buffalo wings.
Pizza City II, Ranson WV

Ugh, both the pizza and wings weren’t very good, but the lunch buffet price was super cheap and it was unlimited food so what can I say? I ate these two plates worth of food and that was it. I wanted to save some calories for better quality food later. :) I did like that they had a few flavors of wings to choose from though.

Supreme pizza and assorted wings - Pizza City II
Supreme pizza and assorted wings.

Charles Town Races
Charles Town Races.