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Hickory bbq sandwich – The Pig

Hickory bbq sandwich - The Pig
Pulled pork butt, buttermilk slaw. Happy hour $7
The Pig, Washington DC

I wasn’t expecting such a large sandwich for happy hour so it was a nice surprise. The pork was tasty as was the slaw, and I love the egg bun that it was served on. Yummy!

Eight Weeks 'Til the Slaughter cocktail - The Pig
Eight Weeks ‘Til the Slaughter: eight week aged Manhattan. Happy hour $12

Washington Monument
Washington Monument.

Hot bar lunch – Market to Market

Hot bar lunch - Market to Market
Roasted pork, beef broccoli, General Tso’s chicken, meatball, steamed vegetables, egg roll, Asian green beans.
Market to Market, Washington DC

I kinda fell in love with M2M because it was so conveniently located to my workplace. They charge by weight and their hot bar selection was great especially since they changed up the items every day. The price was also great and you got much more food (and of better quality) had say Lee’s in San Francisco. I’m a fan!

National Memories exhibit, Federal Triangle
National Memories exhibit, Federal Triangle.

Shrimp and grits – Founding Farmers

Shrimp and grits - Founding Farmers
With andouille sausage. $18
Founding Farmers, Washington DC

I really liked the smoky flavor of this dish. I thought the shrimp were also cooked well. It’s odd for me to say this, but there was too much sauce (and I’m a total sauce-lover)! I completely lost the grits underneath. The serving was very generous.

Smithsonian Institution Information Center in the Castle
Smithsonian Institution Information Center in the Castle.

Chick Chick sandwich – Woodward Takeout Food

Chick Chick sandwich - Woodward Takeout Food
Fried chicken breast, bread and butter pickle, bacon, lettuce, cranberry relish, mayonnaise, toasted bun. $9.95
Woodward Takeout Food, Washington DC

This was a damn delicious sandwich! Maybe fried chicken and bacon aren’t the most healthy lunch options but they tasted so good together, and the fried chicken breast was tender and juicy. I also love the soft brioche bun that they used. Noms!

Little Dancer, Degas
Little Dancer, Degas, National Gallery of Art.

Shack Stack burger – Shake Shack

Shack Stack burger - Shake Shack
Cheeseburger with crisp-fried portobello mushroom filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheeses, topped with lettuce tomato and ShackSauce. $9.15
Shake Shack, Washington DC

Shack Stack burger - Shake Shack
Omg, this burger was REALLY great, and it was different enough to almost rival my love for In-N-Out (but not quite). The ‘shroom patty filled with melted cheese was absolute perfection! Yes, please!

Capitol Building replica, US Botanic Garden Conservatory
Capitol Building replica, US Botanic Garden Conservatory.